It would be great if you were able to effectively "buy" items from other players on PC stores. I think it would work like <set number of x item you wish to prepay for>. This would allow players to sell from one to <set number> of <x item> to the PC store (on a Sell tab). The player running the store could then pick up the items from their stores later. This would function similarly to the Work Order board, but it would be more flexible in that you could fill the order over time, and multiple players could contribute to filling the order. Maybe it could cost a small fee to place the order in the store to begin with. I envision the Work Order board would be reserved for large stacks of items, or players who don't want to run a store. Sorry if this idea has been pitched before, but I'd like to open it up for discussion (keeping in mind the potential growth of future in-game economy and any potential abuses).