Project: Gorgon is an indie MMORPG that is currently being self-funded with support from previously concluded crowdfunding campaigns. As an independent development, we don’t have a publisher making demands, but that also means that we don’t have an independent source of income for development. We have opened Project: Gorgon to the public during the Alpha Phase of development and that transparency has been great for an open dialogue between the players and the Project: Gorgon team, but that has also added to the development costs of the project. While we have had two crowdfunding campaigns, which have helped tremendously, we are still self-funding the development to a significant degree. Therefore, we have decided to allow those willing and able to contribute to the continued development of Project: Gorgon through donations. There are multiple ways to contribute to Project: Gorgon and I will outline them below.


The donation module here on the website allows anyone to donate any amount that they see fit through PayPal. We have setup the system to suggest five dollar increments, but contributors may select any amount to donate. These donations are greatly appreciated and will be used for the continued development of Project: Gorgon. Those who donate will have their contributions linked to their forum account and the latest contributors can be viewed on the side block of the forums.

Donate to Project: Gorgon.

Gorgon Shop

The Gorgon Shop will feature four separate packages from our previous crowdfunding campaigns and will allow those who would like to receive one to donate a corresponding amount and receive the rewards associated with it. These contributions are still considered donations, but those who donate will receive the package of rewards associated with the amount donated. Those who wish to receive a copy of the game will be able to do so through Steam Early access at a later time. Any donations outside of the Gorgon Shop do not include these tiers.

Visit the Gorgon Shop.

Supporting Project: Gorgon

If you have already contributed financially or you are not in the position to do so, there is another way that you can support Project: Gorgon. Posting about Project: Gorgon on your social media pages, Video Game websites, forums and other avenues significantly raises awareness and it is greatly appreciated.
Additionally, submitting reviews at websites like is also valuable because it raises general awareness for the project.

Thanks to everyone who has supported and continues to support Project: Gorgon! We have been incredibly busy working on Project: Gorgon and this year will be no exception. We have big plans for this year and are excited to implement them and see player feedback. Thanks again for all your support, we will see you in-game!

Redeeming Rewards

Reward Tiers will be linked to accounts at a future time. This includes those who have backed us previously through Kickstarter and Indiegogo.