Went out surveying today for first since new GUI. I thought i would be fair and give it a try, it was a joke. Instead of making it a better gaming experience it was the most frustrating experience i have had since i started this game 10 months ago. Since this new gui came out it seems the devs have gone out of their way to make simple tasks as complicated as they can. Even looking at recipes at one time u slid bar left to get more info now u need to pull an already large box even larger to see whats hidden. The map is a disaster, i need to re size it every time i log on or go thru a portal. For surveying it takes up 1/4 of my screen. Pins so large that if u have a couple digging spot near each other in that red circle u can't lay another pin. To dig up a map no more easy right click, now pull down a list of options then pick what you want to do. Try going thru a bunch of maps when your under water. I'm nearing the end of game play here and am looking for another game. I can't hunt because of of the toolbar taking up so much space and my auto targeting not working very well so no hunting for hides or surveying for gems. i need close to 300k to unblock some skills and i see no way i can earn that with this new gui.
A word from from the devs would be nice to see what they think so far.