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Project: Gorgon is a 3D fantasy MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) that features an immersive experience that allows the player to forge their own path through exploration and discovery. We won't be guiding you through a world on rails, and as a result there are many hidden secrets awaiting discovery. Project: Gorgon also features an ambitious skill based leveling system that bucks the current trend of pre-determined classes, thus allowing the player to combine skills in order to create a truly unique playing experience.

The Project: Gorgon development team is led by industry veteran Eric Heimburg. Eric has over a decade of experience working as a Senior and Lead Engineer, Developer, Designer and Producer on successful games such as Asheron’s Call 1 and 2, Star Trek Online and other successful Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

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    Update Notes: December 3 + December 4, 2017

    Note: there is a new version of the launcher that fixes a bug which could cause corrupted installations. You'll be automatically prompted to download the new launcher if you need it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    This update is the first official build of the "new UI". Thanks to everyone who was an early-adopter and tested the preview builds! We've addressed all the major bugs you found (plus a ton of the minor issues). There are some small known issues to fix, but it's time to get more feedback! Please send bugs and feedback via the in-game bug window, not on the forums like we were doing for the previews. Thanks!

    Tips for transitioning:
    • You may want to adjust the scale of the UI in the configuration options, and remember to adjust the icon sizes there as well -- the default icon sizes may be a bit larger than you're used to.
    • Many of the new UI's features are tucked away in right-click menus, so if in doubt, try right-clicking! (For instance, to quickly swap your active skills, right-click an ability on the ability bars. To see additional options on an inventory item, right-click it. To revert an option in the settings screen, right-click. Etc.)

    Known Issues
    • Map pins may be in the wrong place compared to the old UI. You will need to delete and re-create these pins. (This is actually due to a bug in the old UI; it stored them wrong.) You can use /mapclear to clear all the pins on your current map.
    • The progress bar on the loading screen can appear to go backwards once it reaches 50%, jumping up to 100% and then dropping down to 50% before completing. This is just a display bug.
    • The new UI thinks that garden vegetables and deployed items (like statues) are "pets", and they will show up in the pet window.
    • Many types of monsters are not displayed correctly in the little portrait window when selected. (These are data issues that we will fix over the course of the next few updates.)

    Other Changes in this Update
    • Way of the Hammer did not actually affect all nearby allies, just the targeted ally.
    • The treasure mod "Shield Team grants all allies +8 mitigation of all physical attacks (Crushing, Slashing, or Piercing) for 20 seconds" only applied to the shield user, not all allies.
    • Nightshade now trains a recipe to apply augments to crossbows.
    • Poison Resistance Potions now count as damage-resistance potions for purposes of gifting.
    • Thunderstrike, Discharging Strike, and Hurl Lightning can no longer be used while standing in water.
    • Abilities that consume multiple items when used (such as Multishot, which uses 5 arrows) seemed to be usable as long as you had at least 1 item in inventory. (The ability did not work unless you had the required amount, but feedback was very confusing.)
    • Guild log - when a member's rank is changed, the log now correctly shows who changed it instead of reporting a missing log entry.
    • Some abilities, such as Wind Strike, Parry, Adrenaline Wave, and Premeditated Doom, raise or lower the damage of your next attack(s) regardless of what type of damage those attacks are. There were a few weird behaviors that were fixed:
      • The bonuses or penalties from these abilities behaved as untyped damage, which means that boosting the attack +50 would always add exactly +50 regardless of what damage-type the next attack(s) used.
      • If the next attack(s) only did health-damage or armor-damage instead of regular damage, the resulting damage could be too low if those attacks had other multiplicative bonuses in effect.
    • Fixed display off-by-one error on ability tooltips where the server and client rounded damage differently.
    • Removed extraneous floating building behind the Baroness' house.
    • Ice cream, shaved ice, and pumpkin pie are now desserts for purposes of gifting.
    • Fixed a floating teleporter platform in Serbule Hills.
    • Hardcore mode: items that exist only as part of a quest can no longer be broken on death. This applies to future deaths; already-broken items will stay broken (unless you fix them in the usual manner).
    • By default, graphics quality is now set to "Good" and "Auto-Adjust Quality Settings" is turned off, as it caused too many problems. This only applies to new installs.
    • Newbie rags claimed to have no armor but actually had a few points of armor, which screwed up the tutorial-tip system into thinking you had already found armor. Rags no longer have any armor points.
    • Player titles have been added! Only a few titles are available for now. You'll earn the title "Alpha Tester" just by logging in.

    If you've been helping with the preview testing, you may be interested in what's changed for this build. That list is in the post below!
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    Changes from the UI Preview

    Below is a mostly-complete list of the changes between the last UI preview build and this update.

    • Fixed a bug that caused chat lines to be displayed incorrectly after you had received a total of 500 lines of chat.
    • Chat window no longer automatically scrolls to bottom of chat history when a new line is added.
    • Chat tabs with new text are now shown in italics instead of bold. (Bold text now indicates the active tab, as that seems more intuitive.)
    • When you right-click any ability on your primary/secondary hotbars, there is a new menu option "Choose Abilities", which opens the abilities window to the appropriate skill to make it easier to drag and drop new abilities.
    • Fixed bugs when queueing non-attack abilities that would implicitly target yourself.
    • The "queued" overlay is now shown on queued abilities on the sidebar.
    • Fixed display issues with Toxic Flesh 8 in the Skills and Abilities window.
    • Relogging into another character without quitting the client no longer shows quests and work orders from the first character you logged in.
    • Recipes with a reset time now display the remaining time before the recipe can be used again.
    • The dropdown selector with the list of skills in the Recipe Window is taller.
    • Fixed several issues with the Stables screen.
    • Fixed many display issues with NPC shops.
    • Items are now removed from the Consignments tab when they are purchased.
    • Gifting info for items no longer show the internal name of the favor level.
    • Location info for items no longer show the internal name of the zone.
    • Italics in NPC windows now display properly.
    • The icons of items in storage are now the same size as icons in your inventory.
    • When the storage screen or trade screens are up, clicking on an item in inventory adds it to storage/trade. Otherwise, single-clicking does nothing by default. Instead, double-clicking the item activates it. This prevents accidental loss of items due to clicking. If you prefer the old, far better (IMO) behavior, you can enable it in the UI settings, under GUI, enable "Single-Click Items To Use Them".
    • When the storage screen is up, you can right-click items in your inventory and choose "Put In Storage". This is an alternative to dragging the item.
    • When trading with another player, you can now right-click items in your inventory and choose Trade Item. (This behaves the same as dragging the item into the trade window.)
    • If you consume, split, or otherwise alter an item that's in the trade window, that item is immediately removed from the trade. (This was not an exploit, as the server already showed an error message if players tried to make an invalid trade. This change just makes it easier to understand what's going on.)
    • When trading, the trade windows no longer shows the number of traded items for non-stackable items.
    • The action buttons in the corpse window no longer move around as you click them.
    • Item stack sizes on the left-hand ability bar update properly.
    • Quest items once again have a red square around their icon.
    • Brews once again show their ingredients in the tooltip.
    • Identifying a painting updates the tooltip properly.
    • Monsters' important combat attributes such as evasion or regeneration are displayed below their health/armor/rage bars when selected.
    • The "you are running right now" indicator icon has been removed for now. It will return at a later date when its functionality is more useful.
    • There is once again an indicator when you are starving.
    • Fixed the zoom slider on the map screen.
    • The map shows the relevant area when surveying. (Remember that you may need to zoom out to see it!)
    • Fixed a bunch of other small map issues.
    • The screen shot commands (Ctrl+P by default) work again.
    • Several configuration preferences were not saved correctly, including inventory icon size, and camera turn-speed settings.
    • The default key-bindings were bugged and the tab key mapped to both "Select Next Combatant" and "Select Next Non-Combatant" at the same time. Similarly "Select Previous Combatant" and "Select Previous Non-Combatant" were mapped to shift+tab. The correct default mapping is "Next Combatant"/"Previous Combatant". The non-combatant keys are not mapped to anything by default. FYI for newer players: by default, ctrl+tab and ctrl+shift+tab are mapped to "select next"/"select previous". These will select anything selectable, be it a monster or an item on the ground or anything else.
    • You can now save your changes to "Overhead Name Fade Distance".
    • New "special settings" option DoubleClickSpeed lets you change how much time you have to double-click an item.

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    Dec 4 Update

    This fixes some bugs from yesterday's update. And a few bugs that existed before that.

    • Fixed an issue with certain pre-existing maps (like Kur Mountains) in which the min and max scaling factors were set to 0.
    • The player-vendor management screen was not hiding itself when it was closed. This has been fixed.
    • You can now disable 3D character portraits for your character and your selected target. Add NoPortraits to your special settings box. Note that this is a temporary way to change this setting. As the portrait feature becomes more complete, settings for it will be integrated into the main options screens.
    • Fixed several bugs with setting item prices on player vendors.
    • Fixed a bug in which switching tabs in the player-vendor screen didn't reset the scroll position, which could cause the new tab to be off-screen until you scrolled.
    • You now receive proper error feedback if your favor level is too low to buy an item from an NPC.
    • Quest tracker:
      • Fixed spurious "Cannot track quest: tracker limit exceeded" messages.
      • No longer automatically tracking existing quests for users that are switching over from the old UI.
      • Quest tracker is properly cleaned up if you switch characters
    • The size of effect icons is now saved on logout.
    • Changed the default icon size back to 40 for all types of icons (from 48 recently, and 32 before that).
    • Fixed visual issues with the loading-screen progress bar.
    • Fixed the alarming text in Settings -> Special that said your special settings were being ignored because you started the game in Safe Mode. That text was always displayed even if you weren't in Safe Mode.
    • Fixed several erroneous tooltips in Settings.
    • Fixed a scenario in which you could get stuck on a particular chat tab.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed you to harvest some items multiple times.
    • Fixed the short descriptions of some Gershok quests that erroneously referenced Breaded Perch with Onions.
    • Decomposing any type of leg armor always gave small leg baubles.

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