I know the UI is getting revamped, but this will probably still be an issue if there's supposed to be thousands of items in the game.

While grouping, I find that someone always gets left behind because they have to stop and throw things out of their inventory. It happens to me all the time. You can't jut grab-all for very long in a dungeon before you have to stop and throw things out. And picking and choosing from the ground is not much better; you still have to try to look at each one. And once you have a huge pile of things, finding stuff is a pain, and really, if we're supposed to be out in the world, we don't have time for /slash commands or searches.

What would be really awesome is if I could have an item filter. It would only grab the things I'm interested in, and then discard to the side, things that I'm not. It would be really handy when I was l looking for those five items for a recipe, too.

So like, how magic items are highlighted, but something personal to the player. 'These are things I want to hold onto' 'These are things I'm looing for at the moment'.

Say I'm in the goblin dungeon. Right now I want goblin cards and books at or around my skill level. The ones I haven't read. It would be really handy to grab just those - the amount of time spent digging through level 40 cards while I need that level 18 one is tremendous. (They don't stack, either, which is really... That's another issue. Binders of goblins. Anyhow...) I want to grab the art that's only below my skill level, so I can use it. And I want whatever five ingredients I need for alchemy. And of course transmutation.

Now, I group with a guy who only wants the art - but his art level is above mine, but he's gotten nearly all the goblin cards and doesn't want to transmute. What would be awesome is if when we're in a group, our filter sort could be agreed upon, and when I loot art, I could hand it to him, and when he loots goblin crds of my level, he can hand it to me.

That way we could cooperatively work without tripping over corpses or worrying another player is going to forget that weird ingredient I'm looking for or that Unarmed item I'd really like. We could share lists perhaps, and work together, instead of against each other.

A filter list would be useful when talking to vendors, too. If a vendor has a hundred items, and I'm looking for bone dust to garden with, well, it would show right up. Maybe even the NPCs in the player market could shout at me that they've gotten in cheese I could eat or more prisms to transmute with. Real vendors would do that!

Anyhow, it's just an idea. Filters, highlights, priority lists.