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Project: Gorgon is a 3D fantasy MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) that features an immersive experience that allows the player to forge their own path through exploration and discovery. We won't be guiding you through a world on rails, and as a result there are many hidden secrets awaiting discovery. Project: Gorgon also features an ambitious skill based leveling system that bucks the current trend of pre-determined classes, thus allowing the player to combine skills in order to create a truly unique playing experience.

The Project: Gorgon development team is led by industry veteran Eric Heimburg. Eric has over a decade of experience working as a Senior and Lead Engineer, Developer, Designer and Producer on successful games such as Asheron’s Call 1 and 2, Star Trek Online and other successful Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

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Thread: FAQ Suggestions
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    Quote Originally Posted by alleryn View Post
    Heh good anserws. ABout regen:
    Im not 100% sure becasue every time i tried to test it i couldnt get rigth number (it seemed a bit random for me). BUt i recall, long ago, Citan posted soemthign about Howl morale boost regen. Overall ther ewas this suggetsion to amke it % hp and CItan responded that it ounce was, but havinh % scalign hp regn proccing every 5 se is too op. SOmthign along this lines.

    This is ONLY instance i knwo of when one of devs mentione dhow often thsi regen procs. It owuld be nice to get claryfication. ASlo why teh hell isnt this info in game? Its really confusing when i see taht i get regen "every few seconds".

    about 2)
    yes every combat refresh is 15 sec cd.
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    I was thinking that the FAQ still looks a bit unfinished and with the Steam release right around the corner, it could probably use some additions. So, I tried to come up with a more elaborate FAQ that I might like to read and that may sound good to a random person wondering whether they should buy the game. My FAQ version mostly just copies a bunch of Citan quotes from the forum and the existing FAQ but it may be useful to have it all in one place.

    So, following is my FAQ proposal - feel free to ignore/use/edit/expand/do whatever to any portions you like:

    Steam, Beta and Official Release

    Once the game is available on Steam, is it officially released?
    No, Project: Gorgon is now entering its beta testing phase. This is a working beta and there will be major changes to the game still. We will continue to flesh out, optimize, balance and extend the game. We'll continue to roll out game updates every couple of weeks, as always.

    Will I need to buy the game to play?
    Yes. During beta, you will need to play the game through Steam, meaning you need to own a Steam license for the game.

    If you pre-purchased the game, we'll email your Steam key(s) to you after the game is live on Steam. Our email will include instructions on how to redeem your Steam key, although it's very simple: you install Steam and then you choose a menu option to redeem the key. Then you download the game through Steam and play.

    If you haven't pre-purchased the game, you obviously won't be emailed a Steam key. Just buy the game in the Steam store and play!

    I have an existing account but don't want to play until launch. Will anything happen to my characters?
    If you can't buy the game right now, or don't want to buy it until it's officially launched, don't worry about your existing characters: they'll still be here when you finally purchase the game.

    Will characters be wiped at launch?

    No, there will not be a complete wipe at launch. That said, we will be wiping some aspects of your character after the beta phase ends. This includes but is not limited to: items, currency, NPC favor levels, and favor-quests.That's to help our game economy work better at launch time.

    However, we don't plan on wiping most skill levels. There are also no plans to wipe guilds.

    Please note, this is subject to change as we progress through development.

    When is the official launch?
    When it is ready (TM). The current launch goal is the end of 2018 but may be subject to change.

    Is it still possible to buy pre-purchase packages? What about donating to the game?
    After the initial Steam transition period, the existing Gorgon Shop packages will no longer be available. That is just for pragmatic reasons: the more expensive rewards involve a lot of hand-done bits, so it's best to do the work all at once, or as close to that as possible. However, we may decide to offer other pre-launch packages with nice rewards that don't involve as much customization work.

    If you wish to donate additional money to the game (without receiving a reward in return), you can do so via the forum's Donate button. There are currently no plans to change this feature.

    When will the pre-purchase rewards be available?
    The plan is for pledge rewards to be rolled out during beta -- after the game is on Steam but before it leaves "Steam early access". The features will be rolled out when they're ready in regular game updates. There's no exact timeline. Some features, such as player titles, are close to completion and I expect they'll arrive in a few months. Others, such as housing, aren't even started yet.

    It's possible that certain pledge-reward features may not be available until the game officially goes live, for logistical reasons.

    For pledge rewards that include VIP time, we'll give you some control over when that VIP time starts -- either during beta or when the game leaves early access.

    What are the system requirements?
    64-bit operating system, Windows, Mac or Linux.

    I'm having problems running the game, what should I do?

    First, read our detailed troubleshooting sticky at https://forum.projectgorgon.com/show...ing-Read-First! . If following those directions doesn't resolve your problem, please post on the forum in the support section or email support@projectgorgon.com.. (Please note that we are a small team and that we may not be able to provide an immediate email response.)

    What ports does Project: Gorgon use for firewall purposes?
    Project: Gorgon currently uses TCP port 9002 and may use UDP port 9002 in the future.

    Is multi-boxing allowed?
    No. The only permitted use of multi-boxing is for item muling.

    Is there PVP?
    Yes, but it is optional, very limited and will never be a major feature of the game. In particular, game skills will never be balanced around PVP.

    Are dungeons instanced?
    No. All dungeons are open world - you will be able to see and interact with all players that are in the same location you are.

    I just started - how do I get off this island?
    Check the "Stuff to Do" section in your quest log (accessed via the crown button in the right-hand menu). Something there may give you an idea.

    If you are still stuck, try asking other players in the Help chat channel. Don't worry about asking for help - everyone was new at some point.

    I got off the island and looked around a bit, but I feel lost now. What am I supposed to be doing?
    Mostly, whatever you feel like doing. Look around some more, explore, talk to NPCs, kills some monsters, learn cooking, explore some more, get killed in new and interesting ways...

    The Stuff to Do" section in your quest log has some ideas on what you can try in each zone.

    I have a specific gameplay question - how can I get it answered?
    The game's Wiki ( http://wiki.projectgorgon.com ) is a great resource for all things Gorgon. Inside the game, you can type /wiki to open a browser page to the wiki or you can type /wiki followed by the name of what you are looking for to go directly to the relevant page for your question. E.g. typing /wiki foraging should bring up the Wiki page for the Foraging skill.

    You can always ask other players in game, too, of course. Or, if nobody can answer your question right away, try the forums at https://forum.projectgorgon.com.

    Are there special commands I can type?
    Type /help in the game for a list of available slash commands.

    Forums and Website

    How do I change my avatar?
    To change your avatar, click the "settings" button in the upper left hand corner. Then scroll down to "My Settings" on the left bar and click "Edit Avatar".

    How do I link my Steam account to my forum account?
    Go to Settings in the top menu, then in the left menu, near the bottom, click on Steam Link Settings ( or go to https://forum.projectgorgon.com/prof...p?do=steamlink for a direct link)

    ( I think there is room to expand the FAQ still more, but my brain is feeling a bit squished at the moment. I sort of feel that a lot of the specific gameplay how-to questions may be better off being answered on the Wiki, though...)

    Edit: Oh, forgot a couple already:
    What major features are planned for the game?
    There will be playable fairies, orcs and dwarves. Mounts and player housing. There will be a weather system and weather witching. There will be vampires. There will be more combat skills, more crafting skills and new zones.

    What is the level cap?
    The current level cap for most skill is 70 (plus bonuses). Eventually, the level cap will be 100 (raisable to about 125 with bonuses).
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