Hello all! First post on a gaming forum, so be gentle I really like this game and I want it to succeed so I figured why not get active!

1) I wanted to report a bug that I've run into. Whenever I use the Animal Handling abilities "Sic' Em" or "Clever Trick" the pet's special abilities do not activate. I've asked around and other animal handlers are having the same issue. I've reported the bug in-game, but I wanted a place to document it/assure newer players that they aren't crazy lol.

2) The wikki has SOME info on the different animals/breeds, but I find it impossible to choose which breed to tame and level. What I mean is that the different animals/breeds are tamable at different levels and have varying amounts of health/armor/dmg; there's no way to discern if a certain animal/breed is going to have the stats your prefer in the long run. My question is this: Is the only way to compare different breeds' stats to level them all to the same level, or is there an easier method that i'm missing? Something like each pet level gives all rats/cats/bears/grimalkins a certain amount of health/armor/dmg.

Hopefully, someone can shed some light on this thanks in advance!