This minor update addresses issues that can be fixed without the need for a new game client. Other issues will be fixed in the next client snapshot.

Skill and Ability Changes

  • The bard treasure effect "Entrancing Lullaby deals x Trauma damage after a 20 second delay" actually fired twice: once immediately and once after 19 seconds. It now fires once after 20 seconds.
  • The rabbit ability Bun-Fu Kick is supposed to deal extra Trauma damage after an 8 second delay; it was actually applying trauma damage twice: once immediately, and once after 7 seconds. It now fires once after 8 seconds.
  • The rabbit ability Thump is now tagged as a Kick for purposes of unarmed gear that boosts kicks.
  • The rabbit ability Bun-Fu Kick is renamed Bun-Fu Blitz to better indicate that it is NOT a Kick (for purposes of unarmed gear that boosts kicks).
  • Cinnamon the rabbit now teaches higher-level versions of Rabbit Scratch, Thump, Bun-Fu Blitz, Rabbit's Foot, Hare Dash, and Play Dead.

Loot Changes

  • Snowdeer now give Great Venison (not low-level Venison) when butchered.
  • Misery Gazelles now give Great Venison. (Misery Yaks, their lower-level cousins, still give regular Venison.)
  • Ciervos, the sentient boss deer, now gives Great Venison. You monster.
  • The higher level "carnivore stomach contents" loot tables have been updated to reflect the new meat types. For instance, Polar Bears now occasionally drop Great Steak instead of occasionally dropping low-level Steak.
  • "Snow Oxen" now spawn in Gazluk (mostly in the valleys). They give Great Steak. They also give Great Animal Skins when skinned. They are, however, surprisingly dangerous.
  • Feral Cows and Feral Bulls had misc-item loot drops for level 30 animals, instead of level 20 animals.
  • Fixed a loot table error on Seaweed and Muntok Peppercorns, which were dropping only 25% as often as intended from many types of monsters. For the record, these items drop from all level 40-50 non-carnivorous animals, including Biting Vines, Sand Dogs, Snowdeer, Angry Giant Bats, Mountain Sheep, Gnashers, and others. They can also be found on some other types of monsters including Polar Bears, Trolls, and Tor-Uraks. Muntok Peppercorns can also be found on any orc. However, the exact drop rate for each monster varies (based on what other things it can drop), so experimentation is wise.

Favor and Gifting Bugs

  • Yalox claimed to like Desserts, but actually liked Books instead. Now likes Desserts, not Books.
  • "Ancient Sketchbooks" and "Spoons" count as antiques for gift-giving purposes (but not especially good ones).
  • Druidic Assault Staves are marked as non-storebought items for gift-giving purposes. (This is important because stock storebought weapons are valueless as gifts.)
  • Heartshrooms are tagged as mushrooms for gift-giving and storage purposes.
  • Laura Neth recognizes her own free Snacking Bread, and no longer appreciates it as a gift.
  • Crafted cloth slippers now count as "slippers" and "clothing" for gift-giving purposes.
  • Iocaine Powder counts as a poison for gift-giving purposes.


  • The cash value of most foods and drinks has increased.
  • The /isearch command incorrectly labeled items in Silvia's storage as being in Raul's storage.
  • You needed level 2 in Corpse Talking to actually talk to Corpses, instead of level 1 as intended.
  • It was possible to learn Corpse Talking from Jumjab without being Friends.
  • Fixed bug with Guild Audit Logging: it did not record new members correctly.
  • Monsters with special behavior that triggered after a certain amount of damage (such as deer, or bosses like Lord Sedgewick and the Forgotten Loading Golem) were not using their special behavior.
  • Lowered the difficulty of most floors of the "labyrinth" dungeon. It was previously intended for a group of 6 very-well-prepared level 60 players; now it should be more viable for a group of 4-6 players with levels between 50 and 65. The dungeon's "iconic encounters" were maintained (such as the boss maze), but in those cases the number of "trash monsters" was reduced. However, these changes are just preliminary guesswork based on very little feedback. So more feedback is needed for this dungeon: which parts are too hard, which too easy, rewards too good, rewards not good enough: let us know! If your guild is trying to decide what dungeon to run this week, choose this one! And then give us feedback.