In-Game Name: Secondude
Lore: Just a normal guy trying to get Mad Skills after losing his memory and being convinced he is Napoleon Dynamite.
Combat Skills/Role: No clue, right now I do a sword/bow thing but I'm only 10 sword. Literally just started like 2 days ago. I am willing to do anything except heal. I usually tank in MMOS, but like to DPS too.
Do you prefer PVP or PVE?: PvE all the way.

Brand new to the game, but I've been drawn in more than any MMO since FFXI back when I started in them. I love everything about the game so far and I'm taking a blind approach to the game. I refuse to look anything up and want to discover and explore. An example, I still have a big head because I can't figure out how to get back to the starter island except some in chat said take the boat. Even if I do go back I don't know if I'll be able to kill him then either because I haven't gotten any new gear besides a ring. The thing is, I'm loving every second of it too. I love not knowing!! If I sound like someone that would fit in just let me know. Thanks