Hello all, hope everybody is doing well! I was just in game and had a wonderful time with a well known cow named Xpe! (Awesome dude) Anyway, I have been thinking about the future of this game and the direction it may or may not go in. What do you personally want to see Project Gorgon become?

For me I want the game to be a huge hit. I already have sunk nearly 400 hours into the game (Which for me personally is a ton of time as I have a lot of things on my plate IRL and normally switch the games I play often, yet Gorgon keeps me invested so kudos to Eric and his team!) Here are some things i'd love to see in the future in point form and I encourage you to do the same!

1) A larger player base, while the numbers we have now are great I really hope to see a big increase in people who pay for the game so it can keep growing and more content can be added in the future!

2) Graphical updates, I know the unity engine has a lot limitations but I am hoping there are a lot of refinements to animations and optimizations. Sheilds need a lot of work as far as arm placement goes and Bard blows your pants up in the air haha!

3) I would love to see combat be a bit more fluid, something more akin to Asheron's Call but not as physics based if that makes sense.

4) Specialization classes? (This may be the most hated one on the list haha) I want to keep the combat options open as they are because I absolutely love the synergies and open endedness of "class" creation, but it would also be cool to have to get two specific skills max level and then have to do a quest to gain access to a new specialization class!

5) Axes...please give me axes! Also please give me a combat skill that focuses on rage or muscle building etc, like a beserker skill!

6) Permanent animal classes that all have graphical armor. <3

Those are just a few things I'd love to see in the future, please share yours!
Huge thanks to the makers of this game, you've made an old MMO player (I'm 35 now sheesh) happy!

<--- Project Gorgon better put these on, because your futures looking bright!