As it stands there are only a few selected areas that have multiple respawn points (i.e Serbule/Ilmari/Rahu). I was wondering if there are any plans to implement more of these into other maps or even dungeons (or if there's even talk about removing some of them). With the talk of having 6 people per group, which I think is awesome, it's going to make places like Fort Gazluk a nightmare. I see one multi-shot arrow slipping out the hallway and then everyone including the castle jester comes mobbing toward us. It happens all the time -except for the jester coming out unfortunately because then maybe I could have him teach Sasho to juggle. Point being, we could use some respawn points within the large dungeons themselves to mitigate the damage of inevitable premature deaths. Perhaps even have triggers for them so that once a certain boss is defeated, then next 30 minutes you repawn at X location. Or a shrine we can meditate at which makes that shrine the new respawn point; check points if you will. Perhaps we don't need it, but the thought came to me. As for Rahu and Ilmari, I feel like the multiple respawn points are actually too pampering. I think both areas have around 5 each which really minimalizes the impact effects of death - and also the effectiveness of death warping . But then there's Gazluk where when I die it sends me straight to jail without passing GO or collecting my 200 dollars - and who doesn't want 200 dollars?? It's come to the point where when I'm running from the drop at Gazluk to a location, I have to "tag" by entering a cave and then leaving the cave before continuing. I'm not doing it to regain body heat, I'm doing it so that incase I die I can use "Recall Beginnings" to then get back; my makeshift check point. I do this also when killing panthers in Kur, I first hit up Kur Tower so I can get back if I die. I think PG should implement something into the game like a recall shrine that you need Teleport level "X" to use + the accompanying spell, or maybe have a way with the Necromancer skill to "Plant Graveyard" so if you die you go back to your tombstone.

Are there any other ideas going on about respawn points?