My main issue with lycan and the full moon is that this is alpha, it seems to be made such a big deal to remind everyone that THIS IS ALPHA, as its posted everywhere. If this is alpha then why are skills that are still being tested and constantly changing permanent for our characters even after launch? I can see Laraj and others making suggestions to keep people from hating playing during full moon or making people reroll and restart all the work that has already been put forth but all they get in return for their suggestions is negative comments. I will try to make my frame of mind a little more clear here. This is alpha, some people may of liked lycan the way it was in the past or maybe they have had their fill of testing out a different type of play style and dont want to have to completely start over on another character, while again in alpha, just to continue enjoying their play experience and testing skills. Seems a bit excessive for an alpha game.