This is a small update that fixes a number of bugs, as well as tweaking and extending the new content from our last update.

Dungeon-Related Fixes and Improvements
Warning -- these patch notes contain spoilers. If you haven't started the new dungeon in Errruka the Benefactor's cave, just skip this section.
  • The acid slime in Errruka's Cave now displays in the correct location. It was displaying too low, leaving players thinking they were high and dry when they actually weren't.
  • Previously, the animal combat-skill trainer challenge required you to be an animal for at least 7 days of real-world time and 12 hours of gameplay time. The former requirement of real-world time was not communicated, leaving some animals unsure why they couldn't open the door. For simplicity we've dropped the real-world time requirement.
  • Added a few special respawning eggs to the Aktaari event. These "egg events" are a prototype way to add replayability to the Aktaari event. In the future we may implement a large number of these sorts of "events", and randomly choose which are active during each Aktaari run.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Aktaari Princess's door from activating.
  • Completing the mummy puzzle reopens doors leading to the puzzle (if they happen to have closed).
  • The exit to the Lady room remains unlocked for several minutes after leaving (in case players return immediately).
  • Rixie's Floating rings respawn more quickly.
  • Evu Fruit requires Foraging 85, down from 95.
  • The Elite version of Mangler Scorpions have been replaced with much larger Mutilator Scorpions (to make it easier to differentiate them from the non-Elite scorpions).
  • You can now unlock Hammer 81-90, Battle Chemistry 81-90, and Butchering 81-90 at the appropriate trainers.
  • You can no longer unlock Fishing 81-90 until you've unlocked Fishing 71-80.
  • Fixed a bug where giving Support Local Fauna Initiative flier to Hazy Mirror yielded no item.
  • Fixed typo in Serendipity Cheddar's dialog.
  • Added an additional boss encounter (although there's still at least one boss that has yet to be discovered)

Non-Dungeon-Related Fixes
  • Fixed a whole bunch of typos in skill hints.
  • The ability Summon Doomstorm no longer refers to "frangments" instead of "fragments".
  • Awesome Spring Fairy Shoes, the recipe, and the recipe scroll, are all now properly Awesome instead of just Amazing.
  • Changed labels of armor- and power-restore after death-avoidance attribute, so they no longer just say "Healing".
  • Fixed display of triple digit levels on your hotbar.
  • The recipe for Astounding Skinning Knife was erroneously called Awesome.
  • Coffee beans and soybeans are worth more Foraging XP.
  • Fixed: Stun Trap 5 had same stats as Stun Trap 6.
  • Orcish Wheat now grows in visible stages.
  • Fixed the broken locked-NPC UI icon.
  • Performance Appreciation info effect should now disappear when you're not appreciating any performances.
  • Fixed some bugs causing instrument playing animations to get out of sync.
  • "Square" map indicators have been renamed "Pointed Square", and a new Square (which is the old square) has been added in its place.
  • Updated player nameplate colors in real-time as a response to entering or exiting PvP mode.
  • When your targeted player is in PvP mode, an icon will indicate as much (replacing an old bugged-out icon showing their level as 0).
  • Animal forms that are in skeleton illusion can now mount properly.
  • Updated Brambleskin 10's damage.
  • Changed level at which the third cheesemaking cask is unlocked to 40 (previously 41).
  • Fixed mount form for skeletons when their underlying form is spider.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause unlisted vendor items to list for 0 councils.
  • Updated Bounding Escape 6 numbers (7 speed for 12 seconds -> 9 speed for 17 seconds)
  • System Shock abilities dealt 1 point of Damage-over-Time even when no DoT treasure effects were in use.
  • Warden (Necklace): "While Privacy Field is active, melee attacks that damage you have a 75% chance to restore 34 Power to you" => this treasure effect did not work correctly
  • Icesnake can now occur with Ice Magic treasure effects.
  • Head Candle will now persist through zoning & changing gear.
  • Deep Wasps now count for the "Bats Eat Bugs" quest.

We'll be back with more fixes and updates soon!