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Project: Gorgon is a 3D fantasy MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) that features an immersive experience that allows the player to forge their own path through exploration and discovery. We won't be guiding you through a world on rails, and as a result there are many hidden secrets awaiting discovery. Project: Gorgon also features an ambitious skill based leveling system that bucks the current trend of pre-determined classes, thus allowing the player to combine skills in order to create a truly unique playing experience.

The Project: Gorgon development team is led by industry veteran Eric Heimburg. Eric has over a decade of experience working as a Senior and Lead Engineer, Developer, Designer and Producer on successful games such as Asheron’s Call 1 and 2, Star Trek Online and other successful Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

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Thread: Tele-Tour
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    Brought to you by the Asheron’s Legacy Guild

    What is it?

    A tour of all 38 teleport pads in the game. This event will not include mushroom circles as those cannot be summoned for others to use.

    Where is it?

    It starts in Serbule Keep at the teleport pad by the north gate. From there, a visit to all the deadly, cold, wet, and beautiful teleport pads that can be summoned.

    When does it happen?

    Saturday, May 18th, after the poetry jam. Unless something comes up. This event will take around 2 hours, including the break midway through.

    Why is this happening?

    If you think to yourself, “I need to be able to get around better, easier and faster” then this is the event for you. Even with a
    teleportation skill at level 2, this event will advance it to at least level 20.

    Who can go?

    Any toon that would like at least level 20 teleportation skill, who meets the requirements, with the proper materials, and can take instructions from the portal summoners and security providers.

    Bind Circle trained.
    Recall Circle trained.
    Amethyst, at least 16.

    PEEPS, (scared, hungry, naked, young ones with low or no combat skills, mules loaded down and unable to even walk, basically anyone that wants to advance their teleportation skill)
    Three salt to tie to the teleport pad in the Serbule keep north gate. If you’re already tied to this pad as your primary recall, you don’t need any salt.
    Any toon planning to attend must have Recall circle trained as this is the only recipe we will be using.
    Requirements for those simply running through the event, using the primary recall recipe only. Alternate bind/recall recipes are up to those players that have advanced skills, those materials won’t be listed here.
    There will not be any boxes with materials for giveaways unless someone wishes to provide them. Please take responsibility for your own gaming and gather all the materials listed. If you’re unable to gather these materials on your own, you can petition your guild, invoke your beggar skills, find a sponsor, purchase them, or simply grind for them.
    Any toon planning to attend must bring a minimum of 16 amethyst. Each time you use recall circle it has a 20% chance of using up the amethyst. If you’re feeling unlucky bring more amethyst.
    No other requirements are needed from the peeps that will be running through this event. Indeed, you can be naked, starving, unable to run and with zero combat skills, as long as you meet the previously listed requirements, you’re welcome to come.

    How does this happen?

    The teleportation skill gives 200 bonus XP for each new tele pad you either tie to OR recall from. This event will utilize the recall from option. Starting in the Serbule keep, everyone will need to tie to the tele pad at the north gate using the bind circle recipe, this is the ONLY pad you will be tied to. This tele pad is Home Base. Approximately every 3 minutes there will be a summoned portal directly in front of Home Base to a different pad located somewhere out in the big world of Alharth. You will need to take the portal within 2 minutes as that is how long summoned portals last. Once at your new destination, you have about 1 minute to use the recipe recall circle, which will take you back to Home Base. If it’s your first-time teleporting from that pad, you’ll get your 200 bonus XP for using a new tele pad plus your regular XP from the recall circle recipe. If you miss a summoned portal, it will not be re-summoned as the cool down for summoned portals is 1 hour.
    Some rules to teleport by

    DO NOT LEAVE THE TELEPORT PAD YOU LAND ON. Once you take the summoned portal, several times you’ll land in areas that are very hostile, and the killers will not be clearing a large area, just the immediate area around the tele pad. Please wait for the ALL-CLEAR before entering the announced dangerous portals. If you explore and die, it’s on you.
    DO NOT TIE TO ANY OF THE TELEPORT PADS YOU LAND ON. Tying to any pad other than Home Base will cause you to lose your ability to get back to Home Base. More advanced players may want to come along just to get a tie to a different tele pad, that’s up to each player, as summoned portals back to Serbule keep will not be provided.

    When a summoned portal needs the killers to clear the area, a warning will be announced for killers to go first, then peeps, please wait for the ALL-CLEAR before taking these portals, so as to give the killers time to clear out the rabble. Hopefully, this process will take just a few seconds. If you jump in before the pad is cleared and die horribly, again it’s on you.
    For cold areas, fires will be provided at the pad site.
    For the underwater pad sites, when you take the summoned portal, immediately press your rise key, either “R” or whatever key you have designated for that use or the space bar. This action will allow you to rise to the surface quickly. You can then use the recall circle recipe from the surface, as long as you are directly over the teleport pad.
    Some teleport pads are located in beautiful locations, please enjoy the view while remaining on the pad before returning to Home Base within the time allotted.
    The last portal summoned will be Ratuk the Thinker in Kur. This NPC has teleportation skill recipes for sale with the proper amount of favor and cash. Please consult the Wiki for what you need for both favor and recipes as none of those items are listed here.
    There are 38 teleport pads in the game, below is the list of portals as they will be summoned, Home Base in Serbule keep will be the only pad not summoned. If you don’t need a certain teleport pad, feel free to skip it in the list. Each portal will be summoned 1 minute after the previous portal has disappeared. An announcement of every upcoming portal will be made at 1 minute and again at 30 seconds before each portal is summoned along with all the warnings that go with it.

    Serbule - The Keep - HOME BASE, (Not summoned)
    Starter Island
    Serbule Hills – Abandoned Keep
    Serbule Hills - NE corner
    Serbule Hills – Behind the Inn
    Serbule Hills - South
    Serbule - Mushroom Cave
    Serbule - Borghild
    Serbule - South on the hill
    Eltibule - Atop a small standalone mountain
    Eltibule - Gnasher hill
    Eltibule - Hogan's Keep
    Eltibule - Sie Anty’s Garden
    Eltibule - Underwater near the falls
    Eltibule - Eltibule Keep
    Sun Vale – Agrashab
    Sun Vale - Animal Town
    Sun Vale - Druid camp
    Sun Vale - Ranalon Island, underwater
    Red Wing Casino
    Halfway – Take a break, maybe refresh that drink or head to the lavatory.
    Sun Vale - Resort Island
    Sun Vale - Work order board
    Rahu - Center of the city
    Rahu - North of the city, by the prison
    Rahu – Near the council storage on the peaceful side
    Kur – Wolf Cave
    Kur - North Beach
    Kur - NPC Village
    Kur – Syndra
    Ilmari - Amulna
    Ilmari - Ruined village, Labs
    Gazluk – Prestonbule Ghost town
    Gazluk - Center, near Amaluk Valley/Tower View cave
    Gazluk - NE of Gazluk Keep, Foothills/Windy View cave
    Gazluk - Teleport Pillar inside the Windy View/Foothills cave
    Gazluk – West, near Gazluk Shadow/Snowblood Shadow cave
    Povus – Center
    Kur - Ratuk the

    AND THEN???


    WHAT is a mushroom circle anyway?
    Mushroom circles are another type of teleportation around Alharth. It is personal to each toon that knows the recipes and can only teleport that same toon.

    WHY would I want to know that?
    Some places, like the Fae Realm, have no connection to the Council Lands. But they do have a mushroom circle, two actually, so a quick way to get there is being able to use them. Plus, you get Teleportation XP, 100 XP for the first time you use a recall and un-recall recipe and 200 XP for the first time using a new mushroom circle location, time to celebrate!

    WHEN can I learn this fantastic skill?
    On Saturday, May 18th, following the Tele-Tour, the Asheron’s Legacy guild will be hosting a Mushroom Circle training run to learn you the skill of using these super handy circles.

    WHO can learn this fabulous ability?
    You must have, minimum, Teleportation at 4 and MYCONIC at 15. Myconic is the language of mushrooms, Mycology is simply gathering mushrooms. As you gather mushrooms you will learn the ability to talk to them using Myconic. This skill, at level 15, is required to be able to speak to the mushroom man Sem.

    WHERE can I learn, for myself, this impressive talent?
    Sem, the mushroom man, lives deep in a dungeon full of giant snails, vicious mushrooms and poisonous slugs, yuk! But he will teach you his skills for no money, yea! He only requires you to have favor to learn them. His first recipes can be learned at Friends, but Like Family favor is required to learn all 11 of his recipes. But not all of the mushroom circle recipes are learned from Sem. There are 18 additional scrolls containing mushroom circle recall and un-recall that can be found in critter loot.

    HOW will this dream come true?
    Presuming you have the required prerequisites listed above, (Myconic level 15 and Teleportation at level 4), you’ll need 3 parasol mushrooms in order to tie to Sem’s personal mushroom circle, (the first recipe he will teach you). You will also need items to give Sem for his favor. Visit the list below for favor items, the Wiki has the amounts of favor granted for each item. Please take responsibility for your own gaming and acquire these items, as there will not be give aways provided by the Asheron’s Legacy guild. Remember, have these items, both mushrooms and favor items in your personal inventory, not your saddlebags, as you cannot access your saddlebags in the dungeon.

    List of favor items for Sem
    Blue Crystals/Gems, (not blue glass), Blue spinal, fluorite, azurite, lapis lazuli, obsidian, amethyst, turquoise, sapphire and
    Max Obsidian
    Cranium powder and Enhanced cranium powder is accepted starting at Friends.

    Let’s walk through the events.
    We will start in Serbule Keep north gate teleportation pad. At the assigned time a portal will be made that lands you at the safest, closest pad to the Shadow/Snowblood cave in Gazluk.
    It will be cold and hostile; therefore, killers will be joining us with combat skills and fires to keep everyone safe and warm on the short run to the dungeon. You can either run or ride, but please try not to be overburdened as it is easy to freeze to death in Gazluk, the faster we get there the better. If you decide to strike out on your own you will meet critters that may kill you, if this happens you will be mourned but left to contemplate your mistakes.
    Once in the dungeon, please wait for the killers to clear the way to the Mushroom man, Sem. We are only clearing the path to Sem, not the entire dungeon, so if you head out on a dungeon adventure and die horribly, we will continue on as best we can.
    Once we reach Sem, you can talk to him enough to get to Comfortable favor, then give him your favor items to raise you up to at least Friends. Training options will appear to learn his first few recipes. Mushroom Bind is the first recipe and will allow you to tie to his circle, which is encouraged but not mandatory. It’s super handy if you don’t learn all the recipes and wish to come back without running through Gazluk and the dungeon, and you’ll get that first time Teleportation XP for using a new circle, wonderful!
    A portal back to Serbule Keep will be provided at this time. This will conclude the mushroom circle training run.
    If you want to do the kill tasks for Sem, please have this worked out with each other in advance. Enjoy yourselves as we are only bringing you to learn the mushroom circle recipes and then our noble task is complete.

    * There are currently 15 mushroom circles in all of Alhearth
    * The mushroom circle recall will take you to the circle you are tied to using 3 mushrooms.
    * The mushroom circle un-recall will take you to the last circle you recalled from and uses 4 mushrooms. (If you are tied to the Eltibule circle and took the Serbule circle to get there then standing in the Eltibule circle and using an un-recall recipe will take you back to the Serbule circle).
    * Mushroom Circle Hop will take from one circle to another circle in the same zone if there is a second circle. This recipe is a quest reward from Floxie in the Fae Realm.
    * Mushroom circles cannot be summoned.
    * Blood, Iocaine, Porcini, Fly Amanita, Charged Mycelium, Granamurch and Ghostshroom mushrooms currently are not used in the mushroom circle recipes.
    * Both recall and un-recall recipes for a specific mushroom will share a timer.
    * Specific mushrooms will have a shorter reuse timer depending on the moon phase. These times will be doubled outside of their moon phase, (see the list below).


    New moon
    Goblin Puffball = 10 hrs
    Coral = 7 hrs
    First Quarter
    Mycena = 24 hrs
    Blastcap = 3.5 hrs
    Groxmax = 6 hrs
    Waxing Gibbous
    Boletus = 20 hrs
    Full Moon
    Field = 16 hrs
    Blackfoot Morel = 5 hrs
    False Agaric = 2.5 hrs
    Waning Gibbous
    Blusher = 12 hrs
    Pixie Parasol = 4.5 hrs
    Last Quarter
    Milkcap = 9 hrs
    Wizards = 1.5 hrs

    Waxing Cresent and Waning Cresent currently have no effect on mushroom circle abilities.
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    Just FYI, unless it has been fixed since I last used it about a year ago, the Sun Vale Ranalon island underwater teleport pad has not given teleportation bonus XP for 1st use.

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    Yea that portal had a few problems, you could tie to it but if you recalled to it, you'd go to the npc tree pad. I think they changed it about a year ago. Just now verified with a guild member's peep, they did change it to receive the 200 xp for a new pad site. Thx for the heads up.
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    Bump for this since it is an upcoming event.
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    Thanks Shaz - glad that the mushroom circle training is included this time. PSA: takes about 40 heartshrooms to get to Friends with Sem which you will need to learn his binding recipe.

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