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Project: Gorgon is a 3D fantasy MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) that features an immersive experience that allows the player to forge their own path through exploration and discovery. We won't be guiding you through a world on rails, and as a result there are many hidden secrets awaiting discovery. Project: Gorgon also features an ambitious skill based leveling system that bucks the current trend of pre-determined classes, thus allowing the player to combine skills in order to create a truly unique playing experience.

The Project: Gorgon development team is led by industry veteran Eric Heimburg. Eric has over a decade of experience working as a Senior and Lead Engineer, Developer, Designer and Producer on successful games such as Asheron’s Call 1 and 2, Star Trek Online and other successful Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

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    New Animal Form - Vipers

    I played the rabbit form over Easter and liked it so much I thought I would try to make up a new animal for fun.


    Animal Form : Vipers sssssss

    Mud-encrusted, Norbert was baking under the island sun after a particularly good mud bath. Several Animal Town issues on his mind were gone and he cared little to think about anything else. Norbert’s only distraction was Spot sleeping in the adjacent mud bath and snoring loudly at times.

    A nearby bush rustled until an unfamiliar creature appeared. A viper was a rare visitor to the Sun Vale town. Beautiful green scales glistened from the tropical sun and alert, but cool golden eyes narrowed on the pig. Norbert found the constant distraction of the tongue sticking in and out a little unnerving, but this was an animal citizen. In fact, on close inspection by the pig this was an intelligent viper adorned with a medallion and hiding a recent battle wound.

    “Hello there...?” Norbert raised his head and greeted the unfamiliar creature. Silence was the only response from the snake.

    The viper remained quiet and guarded. Norbert offered his name, but the stranger reptile only returned silence. Norbert was on guard too but uncertain why. Never welcoming an uncomfortable silence, Norton huffed up, shook off some mud and provided a rundown of Animal Town protocols. The normally sullen pig felt enthusiastic about sharing information and tidbits about Sun Vale. After a few minutes Norbert punctuated his speech with a grunt and turned for a better view of the serpent stranger, but something was wrong.

    Norbert called out. The viper did not move and offered even less of a response than before. Concerned, Norbert lurched forward from his resting location and trotted across the way to the bush. The viper offered no reaction to the approach and Norbert became more concerned the snake had expired. The viper’s eyes appeared clouded over if not absent.

    With a cautious examination and a good poke with his hoof, Norbert discovered the viper was gone. Not dead, but really gone and leaving behind a recently moulted skin. During his elaborate introduction not only was the stranger rudely quiet but departed and did not provide the courtesy of cleaning up after its own body.

    Norbert decided there was little left to do so he kicked the skin under the bush and returned to his mud bath.

    Animal Form Mechanics and Equipment
    No gloves and no pants for snakes! Foraging for wood and minerals is impossible too. The serpent is adept in nature and can usually pull an extra apple from trees and bushes.
    Established elder snakes are known to wear an occasional ring or necklace especially if associated as magic users or companions. In rare occasions hats and makeup but it is often thought those snakes are shape shifters who have not completely abandoned their humanoid habits.

    The snake sticks closer to the ground but still can use ladders and limited vertical surfaces to scale an object.
    Snake movement is unfortunately slow. After level 10 the snake can ‘sprint’ but that is short term. Snakes at level 25 or greater can call upon an enchantment to sprout leather wings and glide a longer distance but still close to the ground.

    Magical vipers
    Creatures of nature the viper are adept at forests, deserts and the jungle. When in cold environments they are vulnerable to the cold unless protected. Some of the magical vipers will acquire protections from both good and evil magics.

    Dancing and arts
    Snakes oddly love to dance and can be seen charmed by music or with an accomplice bard charming an audience. Snakes are subjects of art, sculpture and lore throughout history.

    Scorpions, wolves, bats, spiders, vermin or the undead are fine with vipers and go as far to team with them as way finders in deserts and foreign jungles.
    Pigs and Cows are tolerant but wary of vipers. These animals quickly become on guard with the larger serpents, especially when around the piglets and calves.
    Birds and horses will have nothing to do with snakes. There is a long history of distrust with the creatures resulting in outright hostility.
    Humanoid interactions with vipers range from avoidance to hostility as well. Humanoid shopkeepers will not interact unless disguised or earn their trust. Few humanoids are fanatical about their snakes and keep them as pets or weapons.

    Skill Synergy
    The viper would work with the following battle skills as a combination:
    • Animal Handling, Ice Magic, Fire Magic, Mentalism, Necromancy, Priest, Psychology and Unarmed
    The viper would NOT work with the following battle skills as a combination:
    • Archery, Bard, Battle Chemistry, Hammer, Knife Fighting, Shield, Staff, Sword and any other beast forms
    It is unknown if the viper would work with the following battle skills:
    • Druid, Fairy Magic, Weather Witching and Warden

    Serpents are born under the protection of Dreva but a subset of the species is thought to follow the god of secrets Zare. No one knows why.

    Name Level Description Effect Type
    Strike! 0 With lighting speed, you bite and release. Piercing damage Basic Attack
    Bite and Hold 1 Your bite is more effective. You lunge, sink your fangs in and hold in place pulling at the wound. You pull away severely damaging local tissue. Piercing/crushing damage Core Attack
    Bite of the fer-de lance. 2 Older serpents with matured poison glands deliver a devastating attack with damage over time after the bite. piercing damage poison DOT for 10 seconds Signature Debuff
    Coiled Attack 3 From a coiled position you lunge hitting the target for knock back and short stun. Effective to disorient a target before performing additional attacks. Crushing Knock back Taunt + Nice Attack
    Warmth of Caduceus 4 With concentration you perform a minor self healing. This action will allow you a moment to possibly live to fight another day. Restore: 30 Power Cost: 20
    Gorgon's Gaze 5 Fear. Your hiss or rattle your tail while gazing into the eyes of your target which causes psychic damage and your intended target weakens a little, if not pee their pants. Small damage to armor, and next strike does more damage. psychic damage Armor damage Next strike does 20% more damage
    Sneaky 6 Snakes are sneaky. Evasion is easy from physical damage. 10% chance of evasion 25% projection from psychic damage
    Moult 7 Tired? Battered? Need a change of pace? Leave your old skin behind. This ability heals you completely, but your armor and energy are lost until naturally regenerated. Ability also roots for 5 seconds 50% chance to gain snake scales in inventory. 100% health after 30 seconds Recharge 10 minutes
    TBD 8
    Travel - Dart 9 Increase your movement dramatically for 5 seconds in one direction. Useful in the event you need to evade a situation or directly attack an enemy. You gain 15 sprint speed for 5 seconds Power Cost: 20
    Stare Charm 10 Briefly fool a humanoid and convince them they are their species for 10 minutes. Consume a TBD item Can be on sidebar
    Strike!2 11
    Bite and Hold2 12
    Bite of the fer-de lance2 13
    Coiled Attack2 14
    PoisonSpray 15 As a fully matured (and pissed off) reptile you generate sufficient acidic poison that you can direct a discharge of the vile juices at up to 3 enemies in front of you. This is a horrible attack that melts armor and performs direct health damage too. Enemies are unable to call for help for 10 seconds even as they drip in this caustic mess. It is quite gross. direct health damage armor damage poison and DOT for 10 seconds Nice Attack
    Gorgon's Gaze2 16
    Cold Protection 20 You know snakes are cold blooded? You have no business in Kur Mountains, but you don’t listen. Cold protection reduces environmental effects and ice magic damage. +10 Protection for 10 minutes
    Travel - Dart2 21
    Strike!3 22
    Warmth of Caduceus2 23 Restore: 55 Power Cost: 30
    Bite and Hold3 24
    Shapeshift Travel - Glide 25 Snake travel is limited, but snakes are creative and call upon the gods to aid them in their time of need. Through TBD contact the wily serpent may obtain a skill to allow the snake to grow temporary wings and glide close to the ground for a few minutes. Power Cost: 50 Consumes TBD item
    Bite of the fer-de lance3 26
    PoisonSpray2 27
    Moult2 28
    Gorgon's Gaze3 29
    Strike!4 30
    Bite and Hold4 31
    Bite of the fer-de lance4 32
    Coiled Attack4 33
    PoisonSpray3 34
    Warmth of Caduceus3 35 Restore: 72 Power Cost: 35
    Cold Protection2 40 +20 Protection for 10 minutes
    Gorgon's Gaze4 41
    Moult3 42
    Strike!5 43
    Travel - Dart3 44
    Bite and Hold5 45
    Bite of the fer-de lance5 47
    PoisonSpray4 48
    Warmth of Caduceus4 49 Restore: 90 Power Cost: 40
    Strike!6 50
    Trial of the Viper: Boa constrictor 51A Eat a foe for health and energy. This is kind of gross, but the viper acquires the ability to rapidly eat a foe and regain 100% of everything. This power is available once every 15 minutes. You may only select one of 51A, 51B or 51C. Choose wisely.
    Trial of the Viper: Kiss of the Cobra 51B Poison amplified All poison attacks from this viper are 200% effective for the following attack. This power is available once every 20 minutes.
    Trail of the Viper: The anaconda 51C Enhanced armor With a moment of concentration, the viper’s armor doubles for 10 minutes allowing the viper to become incredibly damage resistant and formidable. This power is available once every 30 minutes
    Bite and Hold6 52
    Gorgon's Gaze5 53
    Bite of the fer-de lance6 54
    Coiled Attack6 55
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    Wow, really detailed post.

    Some neat ideas in there. Kind feel like Norbert was uncharacteristically brave in the intro, pretty sure he would call Raul for backup, just to be safe.

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    Thank you a bunch. I was feeling creative. Oh yeah, Raul should be in there!

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