This is obviously not a complete skill, just the starting idea for one! I fully realize a full skill would have several more abilities, and far more mod options.
Also I am awful at names, thus the abilities... aren't named.

Proposal: Illusion Magic
Gear requirement: "Manaweaving Gloves" because crafting illusions is delicate work unless you're the sort of animal / spirit that has a natural affinity for it. (Or maybe a ring, or an off-hand orb, or just a staff/wand if you want it to be like other magic skills)
Additional note: should be compatible with Spirit Fox form and Spider form (as they both use illusions naturally!)
Goals: "Enchanter-Style Support" skill with a high focus on crowd control, buffs, and debuffs. Might have a bit of damage and/or healing, but a full bar of abilities should be able to be support skills.
The following are example skills and example mods that might work toward both the flavor and goal of this skill!

Move1 - "You create minor distractions to make gaps in the target's defenses, while marking weak points on the enemy to be exploited."
Basic Attack. Range 20, cooldown 2. Does no damage, but causes the target to take 7.5% more damage from the next three damaging attacks that hit it.
- Mod: Also returns 10 power to attackers on hit for 5 seconds.
- Mod x2: Vulnerability lasts one additional attack.
- Mod: Target takes an additional 2.5% increased damage from attacks, but cooldown +4 seconds.
Goal: Basic attack that embodies what the skill is about - synergy with both allies, and your other skill. The aim was for about the same total damage done as a normal basic attack, but by way of improving others - and allowing for neat combos that might make it do better if well-communicated.

Move2 - "You torment the target with visions, making them flinch and hesitate when attacking."
Nice Attack. Range 20, cooldown 13. The target takes indirect psychic damage over 10 seconds, and does 25% less damage with attacks for 15 seconds.
- Mod x2: The target is unable to call for help for 15 seconds, and 7.5% of their attacks miss and have no effect.
- Mod: Cooldown -3 seconds, and the target cannot gain rage for 6 seconds.
- Mod: Hits all targets within 10m of the target.
- Mod x2: Additional Psychic DoT.
Goal: A support skill needs a couple of good buffs, and a couple of good debuffs - ideally perhaps one offensive and one defensive of each. The basic attack is an offensive debuff, so a defensive debuff to make the enemy do less damage seemed appropriate here.

Move3 - "You create ephemeral, shadowy apparitions around an enemy to blind and disorient them for a moment."
Core Attack. Range 20, cooldown 8. Moderate Psychic damage. The target is slowed by 75% for 5 seconds, and their next attack has a 40% chance to miss and have no effect.
- Mod x2: Indirect Psychic DoT.
- Mod: Damage type-shift to Darkness, and the target flees in terror for 1.75 seconds. This is not affected by the normal fear immunity cooldown.
- Mod x3: The target is 15% more vulnerable to x damage for 15 seconds. (x = Psychic, Darkness, Trauma?)
- Mod x2: Reduces all other cooldowns by 1 second on cast.
Goal: Crowd control is the biggest and most important thing for a support skill to have. The core of the playstyle - and so it seemed appropriate for the core attack to incorporate some minor crowd control, even if slows are next to useless in this game - the main feature comes from mods here. A brief fear makes the slow useful while providing an interrupt, and the vulnerability options help build synergy with other skills to pair with it, while the cooldown reduction both helps with solo play where many Illusion Magic abilities will be less relevant, and encourages staying active with skill use around the rather long cooldowns of this skill's other abilities.

Move4 - "You manifest spectral bonds around a target that then bloom into enrapturing hallucinations for those around them."
Signature Debuff. Range 30, cooldown 45. Primary target is rooted in place for 5 seconds. Mesmerize all other enemies within 10m of primary target for 30 seconds.
- Mod: Primary target self-stuns frequently during the next 30 seconds, and mez radius +5m.
- Mod: Secondary targets take 25% less direct damage from all sources for 7 seconds, but the Mez is not broken by damage during this time.
- Mod: Primary target takes 10% more damage from all sources for 15 seconds.
Goal: The primary CC that makes the skill work for actually controlling a crowd and keeping a party from being overwhelmed. As it stands, the problem with Mesmerize skills is that a party will *always* end up breaking them in about half a second - and with their long cooldowns, they may as well not be used in groups. Since this is a very group-oriented skill by design, a mix of making one target take more damage, while the rest don't get "woken up" right away allows for picks offensively, or a respite defensively. The mod with the concussion effect could be moved to a different skill, but it feels iconic enough as a good CC effect that it would be a shame to not have it feature somewhere on a primarily-support skill.

Move5 - "I can't think of flavor for this one right now. It might be a better fit for a different support skill if you consider making more than one, in which case I'm not sure what a better offensive buff would be for Illusion. Alternatively, this might work if "Illusion Magic" were re-flavored as "Spirit Magic" or something."
Signature Support. Point Blank AoE, cooldown 20. Up to 7 allies within 20m (but not yourself) do +15% direct and indirect damage for 8 seconds. The caster does 50% reduced direct damage and outgoing healing for 8 seconds, but caster's attacks remove rage instead of generating it.
- Mod: Caster's next ability knocks back its target(s).
- Mod: Targets get +20 Accuracy for 20 seconds.
Goal: Just as there is an offensive and defensive debuff, this is the primary offensive buff for the skill - and one that really identifies its role as improving allies. The caster damage reduction is greater than the effective increase if the illusion mage is replacing a DPS in the party, but this is in recognition that they probably won't be using damaging abilities much during the self-debuff. If the mage is pairing this with a healing skill instead, it adds more party damage - but makes it a risky decision when to activate, due to the healing reduction. Bard's Virtuoso's Ballad and modded Song of Bravery were an inspiration, but oriented toward being less reliant on just one ally communicating their cooldowns were ready, and not random like the song.

Move6 - "You and your allies blur the line between dream and reality, appearing where you intend to go almost before you take the first step."
Point Blank AoE, cooldown 25. Yourself and up to 7 allies within 30m get +5 movement speed for 10 seconds, and moving in combat does not cost power.
- Mod: Also removes Stun, Slow, and Root, and grants immunity for 7 seconds.
- Mod: Also grants immunity to knockback for 10 seconds, and restores power over time.
- Mod x3: Targets get +7% Melee, Ranged, and Burst evasion for 10 seconds.
Goal: And this is a defensive buff to complete the set. A mitigation shield seemed interesting at first, but not really illusion-oriented - whereas evasion would have... but passing off immobilization to a shadow or something seemed appropriate as well. The primary effect might not be useful for all playstyles, but making movement no longer cost power seemed an appropriate and unique buff, while clearing stuns is always needed. Got to prevent the same crowd control that you deal, right?

Move7 - "You cause your allies to fade into the background, becoming uninteresting and indistinct."
Point Blank AoE, Cooldown 30. Yourself and up to 7 allies within 10m fade from view, reducing monster detection range for all of you by 10m. Your next attack does not cause its target to call for help.
Goal: It's illusion magic. Give it some invisibility. This may have been more of an afterthought.

Obviously another 2-4 abilities are due, but this shows the thought process behind the suggestion, and what a skill bar for it *might* look like! Given group dynamics, a player using this skill would be in a fairly unique position of not really being a tank or healer, and not doing nearly the damage of a typical damage focused build - but it would still be replacing a party member, so the support it provides needs to be able to cover for whoever it's replacing. Maybe something akin to Wind Ward cast on an ally DPS so that they can act as the tank, if the party is lacking one - or cast on the tank so that a healer can be replaced. The proposed Signature Support ability might be sufficient when replacing a DPS, by making the other three hit hard enough for the lack! Maybe this skill would be paired with Fox, Spider, or another high damage skill to reduce the impact - or maybe it would pair with Priest or Druid to provide enough healing to replace a primary healer when paired with the support abilities. Maybe even with Bard or Psychology, to double down on the buffs! Obviously a new skill would need much consideration and tweaking - and effort, I realize that of course! But please, do consider this - or something like it? We would really like the ability to bring a support-focused playstyle into this game, and I think that you might enjoy the additional variety it could create!