Welcome to the yearly Zhia Lian event - aka Halloween! You'll receive two quests from Zhia Lian when you log in after the update. Completing these quests will unlock more and more -- there's about a hundred quests in all, including three brand new group quests for high-level players. This update also contains some small bug fixes and tweaks.

Experimental Selection UI:
  • If your selected creature dies, it now updates properly (loot button will appear & name color will change)
  • Fixed bug that caused speech bubbles to stick around forever
  • Fixed bug that caused floaty numbers to queue up while off-screen and then display all at once
  • Fixed bug that would crash client if you logged out and then back in while something is selected
  • Floating numbers now respect the size settings (Size of Combat Numbers)
  • Darkened outlines around Experimental UI names
  • Mounted players can now be selected, and their nameplates are positioned better

  • Legs in Sun Vale now trains a Riding ability for spiders when in their travel mode.
  • Fixed all tier 1 Bat ability cooldowns.
  • Fixed bug that causes vendors with low gold amounts to sometimes have large gaps in their Sell tab.
  • Added POI markers near the portals in Kur Mountain so they are easier to find.
  • We now show a subtle cooldown overlay on all abilities when the global cooldown is in effect.
  • Non-humanoids display better on the character selection screen and in the Persona window.
  • Improved nameplate placement, highlighting, and selection colliders for all monsters.
  • Fixed bug that prevented camera panning if you clicked on certain GUI elements, such as floaties or speech bubbles.
  • Sped up Hare "ear-scratching" animation, which is used mostly for support abilities.
  • All animals will now stick-to-ground more smoothly.
  • Fixed issues with cow appearance under certain lighting.
  • Fixed error resulting from rapidly changing appearances.
  • Fixed bug that causes "Loading 1 additional assets" to stay on the screen forever.