We're back at it again! The love-able bunch of spiders and patient adherents of Akhisa are hosting another round of Musroom Teleportation unlock. This event involves rushing players through the unlock of mushroom teleportation.

Mushroom teleportation is an alternate form of teleportation that lets you bind to and teleport from mushroom circles throughout the game. There is a mushroom circle in all but ilmari, kur and casino so this can open up new fast travel capabilities and you get teleportation experience for using new mushroom circles/mushroom teleportation spells.

When: Sunday July 17th 2pm server time (event runs about 1 hour, but make sure you're there early so you don't miss a portal)

What you need: 3 parasol mushrooms and Level 15 Myconian language skill (different from mycology) - you get this sometimes from picking up mushrooms in elt/serb/serb hills.

We recommend doing some runs through Serbule sewers and picking all of the mushrooms there if you need some quick xp. Akhisa's Web will be providing some favor items to hand out and we'll do Sem's quests so everyone will walk away with basic mushroom teleportation, but if you want more recipes from Sem it might be worth bringing extra favor items: http://wiki.projectgorgon.com/wiki/Sem - if you can get 10 black foot morels and 10 grommax mushrooms and haven't talked to Hemmit Magmagrip in New Prestonbule before its recommended you would bring those, but AW will also provide some.

What you'll walk away with: A new teleportation skill that lets you teleport to mushroom circles by using mushrooms, 5000-15000 councils, and a new alchemy recipe.

Full details:

We'll meet at Serbule well on Sunday July 17th starting around 1:00 and head out at 2pm server time. Be sure to be at the well 5 minutes early so you don't miss the portal. From there we'll open a portal to near New Prestonbule Caves in Gaz. Portal will be opened by Mushroom Jack's house - please arrive somewhat early so you don't miss it.

In New Prestonbule we'll pick up a quest from one of the npcs that involves finding a certain mushroom man. Hemmit also gives two quests for 10 of two different types of mushroom which we'll have dispensers for - he takes them as gifts but they're better served for quest items. Then another portal will be opened to somewhere else in Gaz will be opened and we'll walk to Sem's cave. We'll dole out some favor items to help you unlock the base skill when we get to Sem so if that's it for you, you can head from there, but if you stick around we'll do Sem's three quests and then return to New Prestonbule to turn in his quest for an additional 5000c. With 3 parasol mushrooms you can bind to Sem and come back at your convenience.

One thing that worked well last time was to move out as a group, once we pick up the quests from Sem we're going to move out as a group only making right turns. One of the pain points of early iterations was that groups all split up and some people would struggle to get kill credits - so this time we're going to try only making right turns and moving as a blob. For reference here's the cave map:

We'll be starting at Sem and hugging the right wall as a group - even if we see a mob far away we'll get to it on the way round instead of breaking our path to get snag it. The hope is this will help people complete the quests all within a reasonable range of each other

As we are an Akhisa themed guild (goddess of spiders and patience) there will be dispensers provided for free Spider and Un-Spider juice as well as a raffle for some spider themed items running from 1pm - 2pm server time. Hope to see you all there and as always praise Akhisa!