Citan asked about deer on Discord, sorry not posting there but I would have to break up my post to put it there, so:

Jumping and Running seem like they should be the strengths of the deer. I have some probably over the top ideas for deer. Like give the deer a charge bonus on head/horn attacks. The speed in combat that is current, is used to calculate a bonus to damage on that attack. Maybe work into the animal travel/movement system and if you got insane travel speed built up, it makes your first attack crazy strong. It could also maybe be a armor shredding system, a strong armor attack on first hit with speed. I think I would also replace Summon Deer, with a charm skill that lets you charm an animal in the zone, maybe only other deer could be other things as well. Sheep, rabbits, maybe it requires a bribe like rabbit treats. It be interesting to be able to get a summon that way, and then your charmed creature should almost automatically be the right level for current zone. So you only need one Charm ability instead of 5 summons. Thinking this could be evidence that deer really are kings of the forests. Also I think deer should get an ability that lets them consume different fruits and vegetable in combat or before combat. Maybe call it the Eat on the Run ability. Carrots should make doe eyes work further or stronger. Apples buff Antler Slash, strawberries buff Deer Kick , oranges buff Deer Bash, Guava buff damage of Pummeling Hooves, Banana buff the cost of Pummeling Hooves or maybe all abilities, Lemons got to do something really powerful and useful , Pear and Peaches buff King of the Forest, Coffee Beans buff sprint, Swamp Gourd buff armor. Could work in other thing likes beets and corn for other things. Only draw back would be might need a separate ability for each possible item. Or could maybe simplify it with scaling set of buffs that correlate to the value of the fruit. So apples might give a small damage boost, but oranges give a bit bigger damage boost and a small armor boost, and peaches give a good damage boost, bit bigger armor boost and a small speed boost. Then on a use of the ability it would just use the highest available fruit in inventory. Not sure what to do with the deer exactly, don't really enjoy the summoned deer, it is useful training deer on the low levels but higher up don't find it that much fun. Combat seems alright overall.