This one is directly directed to the devs.

Could we please get an update about the wipe. Citan stated on discord that gear wipes are now also off the table, but what about other things.
This is also directly related to player numbers: we are still losing players to other MMO, not because they do not like the game, but because they feel there is no incentive to keep playing when there is no clearity about what one will lose down the road.

Would be nice to get clearity about these things:
- gear (current status, no wipe?)
- skills (current status no wipe)
- councils
- quests completed (do we need to do them again?)
- storage slots aquired from paying councils, doing (povus) quests, guild level, favor levels, casino tokens
- event related gear, keys, rewards, tokens
- VIP time
- mats, quest items, crafted items

Thanks in advance.