Event Notes: Bun-Fu Training November 19, 2021

The Bun-Fu Masters have returned again to help interested players begin or enhance their journey into the art of Bun-Fu! The event is mostly similar to the last runs, but with one major change.

More powerful carrots of power
In previous events, Carrots of Power were stationary and static, which made it real easy for players to guide others to them. Master Lopsy was not pleased about this. Carrots of Power will now randomly despawn and move to another location. Also, when you touch a Carrot of Power, it will despawn and move to another location. The spawn locations are completely random and there will never be more than 9 carrots present in Serbule or 9 in Serbule Hills at one time.

Other changes
- Rewards for the individual Master quests have been slightly altered
- Live Event Credit output has been slightly altered

Enjoy the event!