Hello Everyone!

Here are the changes made to the latest run of the event:

  • Bosses now respawn every 8 hours instead of 6. The respawn timer starts when the boss' corpse disappears. All other functions of the encounter (Fae immunity, boss warning, Boss support mobs) will still spawn 5 minutes before the boss does.
  • New loot chest system - Instead of having the 3 static reward chests, a new and fresh reward chest will spawn near the boss sign every time the boss is defeated. This means you can collect rewards for each boss even if you have completed the event quest. Some reward chests in the higher level encounters will also award 1 Live Event Credit per collection. The reward chest must be collected within 1 hour of the boss' death.
  • Better loot rarity chances - When you select a level-based loot option from the reward chests, you have a better chance of getting higher rarity gear. For the normal reward chests, you are guaranteed a minimum of a red rarity item with a 20% chance for a purple and 5% chance for a yellow. For the enhanced loot chests (they will state they are enhanced on the reward selection screen), you are guaranteed a minimum of a red rarity item with a 40% chance for a purple and 10% chance for a yellow.
  • The Fae Death Penalty Immunity generator now extends protection for 250 meters from the sign, previously 200 meters. This protection activates 5 minutes before a boss spawns and disappears 30 seconds after a boss is killed.

That's all for this time! Enjoy the event!