TLDR: Have plenty of councils on hand before trying to level a bunch of trade skills!

I recently returned to Project Gorgon after a few years away, and started playing Spirit Fox, which I really enjoy! I'm mid-30s now, and (almost completely*) love being a perpetual fox.

Generally, things are well and good. I'm having fun. Got plenty of storage. Favor isn't a problem either as I can generally farm the items I need.

Enjoying Gardening (50), Fishing (50), and Cooking (38). Working on Carpentry (23), and started learning Calligraphy. Want to try out Cheesemaking!

There are a ton of non-combat things to do in the game, and and I wish I could buy all the cooking recipes!

But there are more and more times when I'm broke, so I'll happily go do work orders for a while.

And that's when I think, "I'm doing it wrong." I get the feeling that I should be playing a 60-70ish character in higher-level zones to bring in the councils, instead of puttering around in the 30ish zones with my fox and doing lower-level work orders.

I'm not unhappy with the progression. I know my fox will eventually get into the 40s, 50s, and 60s zones, and unlock more recipes that will let me do better work orders.

But still, it would have probably been better to make lots of councils first, before trying out so many trade skills while on an enjoyable, yet lower-level class.

*Sigil Scripting, I'm looking at you. How am I going to unlock the skill and get it to 25 for gem inscribing without the resentment of having to give up fox for a time?