Event Notes: Crafting Caravan May 28, 2021

The caravan has returned from their extended outing! They're eager for fresh rations and a little relaxation. Before we get to that, let's cover the changes that have been made to the event!

New quest cooldowns
All repeatable caravan quests have had their reset timers set to 20 hours. This helps remove some of the guess work of trying to remember what cooldown is what. This was also done because we felt the rush of having to complete so many tasks so often was becoming overwhelming. This would only get worse as we add new skills over time. At 20 hours this should allow everyone to comfortably complete a large swath of the available tasks once per day.

Upgraded items 2.0
We have rewritten the entire end process for building your upgraded Windstep Shoes or Rugged Traveler Amulet. Previously, we used the treasure generator to create the final item. This led to a chance of the finished item not turning out the way you wanted it. Now, we have a full interactive set of menus that allow you to pick exactly what level you want and which skills you want. Using this new method of item creation should eliminate the chance of mishaps.
You will also notice that the 2.0 upgraded items have improved or additional innate mods (white mods) on them. The innates are the same for all of the levels of upgraded item. All previously made items before this event will not be changed. You will have to request a refund and remake the item to get the 2.0 version. See below on how to do that.
We really need your feedback on this process. We will not be releasing any other upgraded items until we have perfected the process with what we have. Once we are satisfied, you can expect many more upgradable items in the future which will be obtainable through assorted means.
The unlock quests to obtain the upgraded items was previously set on a cooldown and repeatable each event. This quest is no longer repeatable. It only needs to be done once to permanently unlock the item creation. There is a chance you might have to do it one more time, but I promise this is the last time!
NOTE: Fairy Magic is currently not a skill option for item creation. Once we get treasure mod generation worked out for this skill, we will add it to the list of skill choices.

I want a refund!
Because of the major changes to the upgraded items system, we are again allowing all players to get a token refund on a 1.0 item so they may get the new 2.0 item. Just take the refund option at the proper NPC to start that process. Please note that you are only allowed ONE refund and the item you refund is destroyed. You will have to start fresh with the new item.
IMPORTANT: After this event, the refund option will be permanently removed. If you have a "bad" item from the last event or just want to upgrade your 1.0 item to 2.0, you MUST get your refund before the event ends!

Stick it to the can-dle!
Torana has broken away from her apprenticeship in Cheesemaking to become the new Master Candle Maker! Cheese, candle wax, it's all the same, right?

Fae the Dragon!
Orran now offers a unique vanity pet for the Caravan's most loyal helpers.

That's all for this edition of the Crafting Caravan. Enjoy!