Hello fellow PGers!

We've added and changed a couple mechanics for this event. Without delay, here they are!

New Respawn Timers

  • All world bosses are now on a 6 hour respawn timer (previously 4 hours). This timer begins when the corpse of the boss despawns.
  • Boss minion mobs will now spawn 5 minutes before the boss does rather than one hour.

New Event Tech
We have added signposts to the boss spawn areas. These signposts serve multiple purposes.

  • First, they broadcast a boss warning screen for bosses that issue curses when you come within 75 meters. This warning becomes active 5 minutes before a boss spawns.
  • Secondly, they broadcast an effect for Fairy players which will anchor them to the zone if/when they die during the boss fight, allowing them to respawn in the same zone rather than go back to the Fae Realm. Fairy players must remain within 200 meters of the sign for the anchoring to remain active. An effect will show in your effects bar if you are within range. This effect is only active from when a boss is 5 minutes away from spawning to 25 seconds after its death.

IMPORTANT!: Fairy players will need to be mindful about death at or near the end of a boss fight. When a boss dies, the anchoring effect will remain for 25 seconds afterwards and will then dispel. If you are dead when the boss dies, do not delay in respawning! If you have more than a 25 second wait to respawn when a boss dies, you should ask for a rez or plan on going back to the Fae Realm if you cannot use a soul anchor.

That's all for this running of the event, but we have more changes planned for future runs! Feedback on the new changes is always welcome.