The recently added item storage and character info exports are amazing, especially for including stuff I wouldn't have thought to ask for like TransmuteCount. So cool, and so many ideas for how to use them in a helper utility leap to mind. Plus, if you're the kind of person who just reads through game json files for fun, that's another several hours of entertainment. Thanks!

One thing I couldn't find, though, that would really pair well with the item export, would be some way to know how many open slots you have in each storage. (Which I think is strictly tied to favor level with the relevant NPC.) That way you could give new players, especially, a visualization of the universe of storage they're missing out on and give them hints on what items they should be collecting for favor.

Not sure if that'd fit better in the item or character export, since it relates to both.

Would it be possible to figure out number of open storage slots (or NPC favor, and maybe whether fixed-size storage boxes are unlocked?) Something like that? (Or is it in there somewhere and I just missed it because I am a fail.)