I realize it's probably not much of a priority right now, but I would like to have other payment options in the Project Gorgon Shop. I LOATHE Paypal. I haven't been able to use it in years and I tend to avoid it. Usually, when a site prefers to use Paypal, I have the option of paying a guest using my credit card without actually logging into Paypal. I didn't have this option upon being directed to PP from Checkout. I wanted to get the Horse Lord package as a surprise anniversary present (I hope he doesn't have cause to visit this section of the forums...) and now I have no way to actually pay for it. I even caved and tried to reset my PP password, but it doesn't work. It's a giant useless circle because every customer service option requires me to login to Paypal, which I cannot do.

Please, can we at least have a guest option under paypal upon checkout if there are no other planned payment options? I really would like to give you my money. :P