The Merchant Princes

About us:

The Merchant Princes is a cross game crafting focused guild. We currently have active members in a few games, but the guild has existed in one form or another in around 30 different games (even a few mobile games). My wife and I tend to share the responsibility of running the guild. We strive to be THE common name given when people ask for something crafted.

This will take you to the general channel. Once you are a member of one of our guilds/alliances/teams/whatever-the-particular-game-calls-it then you will also see the general chats of all game guilds as well as all chats for you game as well. If we get enough people wanting to order things from our members, I will open a public "ordering" area with an invite code so people can join the channel to place an order.

In-game Contact: Lelexiya and LadyMarisa

More Info to come... (like rank names, etc)