Hi everyone!

I've been playing PG since it was in its free-to-play pre-alpha form, at which point I had a 2013 MacBook Air. I still play on that same computer, but as it's aging, I'm thinking I'm getting close to needing a new laptop. I've used Macs all my life, and have a soft spot for the design, the UNIX-based OS, and the ease of linking with all my other Apple products. That being said, my husband just got a new Lenovo Legion laptop and my jaw hit the floor when I saw he had 40-60 fps in Serbule on the good graphics setting... I've been limping to about 10 fps in Serb on the bad setting.

So this threw a wrench into my laptop buying decision making process. I was tossing around the idea of a PC, but I know Apple came out with their new M1 processors last year. Does anyone play with that configuration, and if so, what's your performance like?