Apologies if this should go in the game skills thread, but I assume that is for currently existing combat classes.

I’ve played more Guild Wars 2 than any other MMO and why? Mesmer, that’s why. It’s my favorite class of all time and I’d like to brainstorm how a Mesmer-like combat class could work in PG. I’m new to this game so forgive any statements that are incorrect when it concerns currently existing moves or mechanics.

I’m also not going to think too hard about names of things…that can come later and I’m terrible at naming XD

1. The basic concept:

This combat class would center around abilities that deceive and confuse targets by summoning illusions (and preferably clones too) with different functions. I feel the most necessary category of moves for this class to have is debuffs – but it’s easy to imagine abilities with virtually any function.

The biggest drawback of a class like this at the moment is the lack of buffs and debuffs that enemies have (at least, so far as I can tell – I’m not that far into the game so could be wrong on this point). I think this would be a great class for a “turn their own strengths against them” type. In other words, stealing buffs and transferring enemy debuffs back onto them. I won’t mention too many moves along these lines as I think they’d be pretty worthless in the current game; in a future where enemy buffs and debuffs were more common, I’d love for a class like this to function that way.

2. Brainstorming the Functionality of Illusions and Clones

I think the illusions should have light power costs to cast and preferably pretty short cooldowns – but a continuous power cost to maintain. Such as sprinting in combat (though not necessarily that punishing). As in, it takes concentration/power to keep the illusions going, but while they’re out they stay out and continue performing their function similarly to a pet. Thereby making decisions about how many illusions to have out at any given time a fun strategic element.

Once summoned, illusions should have a toggle to deactivate them. Probably just use the same button that was used to summon them to dismiss them with no additional effect.

This is pretty much ripping off Guildwars outright, but the shatter mechanic is just awesome so I’d like to propose something very similar. I’ll go into more detail below, but this is where the Illusionist would command all current illusions/clones to kamikaze with various effects. There are also multiple ways of going about the shatter mechanic. Either, each illusion/clone has a particular property that gets activated when you use “shatter.” Or, each “shatter” is its own move that eats the clones. For instance, a major heal that heals more the more illusions/clones it consumes. Or a combination of both.

This could also be replaced or supplemented with a mechanic where either each clone has something similar to a rage meter which causes it to use a special ability or automatically performs a “shatter” function upon being destroyed or dismissed.

In general, I’m thinking clones are more powerful than illusions.

3. Brainstorming Abilities:

Buffs and Debuffs:

Double Team (Yes, I’m imagining Pokemon XD):
“Creates a distortion around the target making them difficult to perceive.”
This may be overly complicated, but the way I think this should work is that it makes an illusion of the (friendly) target that stays with them for X amount of time and causes X% evasion to all (or some) attacks. The percent chance of the distortion causing the target to miss should be based on the caster’s skill – and the enemy’s (mind?). Similar to how mesmerize functions where some monsters resist better than others. I’d also like to see this stackable, as in, you can increase the potency of the distortion which increases the chance enemies will miss. For instance, if they still have the first distortion on them and you cast another, then the chance one of them will take the damage is doubled…and so on. Unless of course the first one got hit in the meantime. That may be too OP though XD

X Clone (For instance, Fire Mage Clone)
“Summons a clone to attack enemies or aid allies.”
I’m thinking, either, you can only use the other combat skill you’re using, or – you can select one of any combat skills you’ve leveled to X – say, 50.
The clone would perform basic attacks until a rage meter is full, and then would cast weakened versions of signature support and signature debuffs. Or, it could do special moves (say, bard’s song of discord) and then a stronger special once the rage meter fills. A lot of ways this could be done.
You could perhaps replace the signature support illusions just with a Mentalist clone.

Throw Light
“Heave an illusion of a greatsword at target. Target is confused why they aren’t impaled.”
Does X damage and causes Concussion (or confusion).

False Sun
“Summons an illusory sun that makes the target think it’s much warmer.”
Target takes X damage and X% more damage from fire attacks.

“Summons an illusion that boosts allies desire for battle”
Increases movement speed for all allies.
Yes, shameless movement speed ability cause damnit I need it XD

“Target is mesmerized by alluring music in their mind.”

Dome of Bending Light:
“Creates a dome that reflects projectiles for X seconds.”


Stop Hitting Yourself:
“Creates an illusion of the target that taunts them.”
Shatter Function: Inflicts with Concussion Status (Or confusion).
Basically, same functionality as Trick Fox only with one target, extra effect, and a funnier name XD

“Summon a clone of yourself that causes enemies to have a X% chance of attacking the wrong target.”
Special: Taunt
Shatter Function: Short duration Double Team on yourself.

Illusionary sacrifice:
“Cast a spell on yourself that gives every active illusion/clone an X% chance to take a hit for you for X seconds.”


Channel Light:
“Shoot a beam of light through an illusionary greatsword.”
Yes, I stole this from GW2. It’s just so cool.

Illusionary Soldier
“Summons an illusion that attacks target”
Special: ?
Shatter function: Becomes kamikaze cannon fodder.

Cloned Super Solider
“Summons a clone that attacks target.”
Special: Copies buffs of all nearby allies
Shatter function: Becomes kamikaze cannon fodder.

Warlock Illusion/Clone
“Summons clone/illusion that deals DOT damage.”
Special: DOT damage buffed by X% for X seconds
Shatter: X Damage and X DOT over X seconds.

Berserker Illusion/Clone
“Summons a clone/illusion that goes apeshit with a big axe.”
Special: Goes extra apeshit
Shatter: Losses it’s shit in an explosion of axes.


Signature Support Illusions
I’m not going to over all of these as they’re basically the same, but it would summon an illusion that gives constant health, power, armor, or any combination thereof. The shatter effect would be a small burst heal of whichever resource.

Light Meal:
“Consumes all illusions and clones to heal target.”
Major Healing Ability
Heal is stronger with more illusions and clones consumed.


“Destroys all illusions and clones for various effects.”

Animal Guise:
“Cast an illusion over yourself to take the guise of an animal.”

Skeletal Guise:
“Cast an illusion over yourself and take the form of a skeleton.”
People in your party are taken to be necromancers in your presence.
I know this is a no go but needed the occasional troll move ;]

4. Notes, Wishlist, and Final Thoughts:

On a few of the moves above I mentioned a “confusion” status effect that doesn’t actually exist in the game. I think this would function similarly to concussion, only it would do damage, or have some other effect other than stunning.

I know this is probably asking a bit much, but I’d LOVE for this class to appear as though it’s using a greatsword at all times…even when it’s actually using other weapons. I loved greatsword Mesmer in GW2. A mage shooting a beam through a greatsword was just freaking awesome XD I can imagine the animal classes with a floating illusory greatsword that shoots beams and that’s hilarious and awesome to me!

In the game, there’s a damage type known as darkness. I think this class should have light damage and be a light/psychic hybrid. Not sure if they ever want to do light damage though. It could be psychic/electric instead…but that’s not as cool for this in my opinion.

Ultimately, the abilities I listed are just to give the general idea. There are near-infinite options for how a class of this style could work.

Let me know if this is a class you’d be interested in having in the game or playing yourself!