So, I had accidentally deleted a character of mine while on some pain meds for my back. I thought all was lost, but no! A good samaritan on the forums here by the name of BetaNotus who let me know about a certain e-mail address. From their post, they told me the following (which came from another post):

"You can e-mail with all the details. We should be able to recover your character and it's skills and personal inventory, but all guild and storage data is lost forever.
Also keep in mind we have to manually dig it out of the slush pile that deleted characters go to. It will take some time."

"make sure you keep an open char slot or we can't reattach it to the account!"
Wow! Sounded promising! So I did just that and got this reply:

Please note that a recovered character will only have it's base data (skills, personal inventory). All guild, friend info, and external storage data is permanently lost. Also note that we must do this process manually, so it may take some time, and there is no guarantee we will be successful.
In order to proceed, I need to know your PG account username. This can be found on the character select screen above the list of characters where it says, "Welcome, xxxxxxx!".

Project: Gorgon Support
So I gave them my PG account user name, and as much detailed info as I could about Ashtalia (race, gender, the date I deleted her, etc). Also, for future reference, if you did delete a character accidentally, IMMEDIATELY contact them. I had made a few characters and deleted them since this happened so might have taken longer.

It took almost 2 weeks, but she's back! I have all of what she was wearing and in her inventory, my UI is the same and the things in my quest journal. My guild and storage items are lost though. But I can get them back!!

I hope this helps anyone in the future. Perhaps this can be stickied?