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Lastly I'm hurt that you haven't commented on my idea on consuming beads/baubles/ornaments/contraptions to upgrade the level of items.... I personally would put all my other ideas down as "too hard, not worth the effort" but I would love to have the ability to upgrade a lower item level to level 80, with matching stats.
Oh well in the case of an upgrade system to increase the level of a lower level item I'm all up for it existing, but maybe not in the way you suggested. Upgrading lower level items into higher level ones is neat, but your system might be too easy to do. Outside of augmentation being tricky to acquire for brand-new players, it sounds like leveling players would just keep one good piece of equipment they got early on and then just upgrade it as they level, rather than picking up new gear. Collecting 100 beads is a lot easier than finding new yellow pieces. It's important that players will want to continue picking up new gear, because that's a big part of the fun with the game.

I feel the same way about upgrading rarity as well. It could be neat, but it might be a bit too easy to use. 1000-1500+ phlog is a much steeper price to be fair , but I'm not sure if it's the best way to go about such a system if combined with the ability to upgrade levels as well.

So basically what I'm saying is that a level upgrade system would be neat, but I don't agree and I am unsure with the method/cost that you're proposing.