The Halloween event is live! This year it's much longer than before. If you encounter problems with any of the new quests, please remember to bug-report them.

Balance changes:
  • We've modestly increased the Power cost of most abilities. (We'll use level 80 abilities as examples since the changes are most noticeable at high level.) A typical high-damage level 80 ability costs 4 or 5 more Power than before. E.g. Barrage 7's cost changed from 48 to 52. A few abilities (ones in the highest "Power tier", an internal measurement) were increased more dramatically. Most dramatic is probably "You Were Adopted 6": its cost changed from 90 to 110 Power.
  • We've revised how quickly bosses respawn. Most bosses now respawn 5-10 minutes faster, with an average speed up of seven minutes. The exact change depends on how complex the boss's scripting is, and how easily we could revise things to be faster (without having to re-engineer the whole encounter). If you run into problems with this new respawn rate, please report them. (An example problem is if the boss's sidekicks respawn much faster or slower than the boss themselves.) NOTE: one of the ways we sped up boss respawns is by hastening the rate at which their corpses decay. Most boss corpses decay 2 minutes sooner than before.

Other changes:
  • Added lighting to Hogan's Basement
  • Added lighting to Goblin Dungeon
  • Treasure bug fix: giant bat Sonic Burst combo effect accidentally also boosted Giant Bat Base Damage for 10 seconds (which comes from a different combo)
  • Tweaked cow eyeballs
  • Nishika in Rahu has new hangouts that can teach you how to turn mountains of cheap meat into small amounts of low-quality animal fat
  • Tweaked spawn density in Hogan's Basement
  • Slightly tweaked game performance in some dungeons