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Project: Gorgon is a 3D fantasy MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) that features an immersive experience that allows the player to forge their own path through exploration and discovery. We won't be guiding you through a world on rails, and as a result there are many hidden secrets awaiting discovery. Project: Gorgon also features an ambitious skill based leveling system that bucks the current trend of pre-determined classes, thus allowing the player to combine skills in order to create a truly unique playing experience.

The Project: Gorgon development team is led by industry veteran Eric Heimburg. Eric has over a decade of experience working as a Senior and Lead Engineer, Developer, Designer and Producer on successful games such as Asheron’s Call 1 and 2, Star Trek Online and other successful Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

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    Event Notes - Crafting Caravan: September 25, 2020

    Warning: This post may contain spoilers! If you do not want spoilers, then stop right here and skip to the important note below!

    Hello Everyone!
    The time has come again to buckle down and work on advancing those crafting skills and collecting all the Crafter's Guild Tokens you can get your hands on! I have been watching a lot of people working really hard the last couple weeks gathering materials to either pump up their crafting skills or pump up their wallet from selling them. We should see a very productive event!

    New Masters
    For this caravan, we have added Jopol, a Master Fletcher, to the ranks. The 4 tasks from Jopol will be at Fletching levels 13, 33, 53 and 63. The 4th tier task will be changed to a level 73 requirement and will require different arrows when the next tier of arrows become craftable. For those keeping track of caravan lore, Jopol was the original Master Carpenter back in "CC 1.0".

    Caravan Lore
    Back in the original iterations of the Crafting Caravan, there was a master and an apprentice for each craft skill. When we moved to CC 2.0, we cut the number of NPCs in half and just let the masters handle all the work. What happened to all those aprrentices? As the move forward, more and more bits and pieces of lore about the caravan and what happened to those apprentices will become known. Some masters will tell tales of their lost helpers, and some you may end up meeting in the non-event world as the game evolves. We begin this with our Master Cook, Kinira. A one-time conversation is now available with her. You will learn a couple things over the course of the conversation, if you're paying attention, and it may also end up with a little...surprise at the end.

    Experimental Advanced Crafting Options
    Please note: The following features are 100% experimental! They may get removed or completely changed, depending on the outcome and feedback from this event.

    You remember all those wonderful sub-level 50 items that were really cool, and you wish you could have a level 80 version of it? Well that might become a reality! Master Jeweler Moxie and Master Tailor Raim now have a one-time "bonus" quest that you can complete to unlock a new means to take a sub-level 50 item and create a level 60, 70 or 80 item. These "bonus" quests have no requirements to start them. They can be completed by anyone. Once you complete the quests, Master Moxie will allow you to upgrade an Amulet of the Rugged Traveler. Master Raim will allow you to upgrade a pair of Windstep Shoes.

    The process:

    1. Complete the "bonus" quest.
    2. Hand the NPC the requested item. The rarity of the item must be Exceptional quality (red) or better. You will receive an Advanced Crafting Token in exchange.
    3. Set your desired active skills and barter with the NPC for the desired level item you want. For this iteration, the level of the item you get is determined by the Crafter's Guild Token cost times 2. Spend 30 Crafter's Guild Tokens plus the Advanced Crafting Token and you will get a level 60 item. Spend 35 tokens for a level 70 and spend 40 tokens for a level 80 item.

    As you all know, the treasure system can be unforgiving sometimes and generate items that have weird skills or only one skill. There is a one-time refund option available for if/when this happens. If this happens to you, just select the conversation option asking for a refund and follow the directions. You will receive a full refund of all tokens spent. If it happens a second time, you can still at least give it back to get another Advanced Crafting Token, but you will be on the hook for the Crafter's Guild Tokens. This system may change in future iterations, so if you do get stuck with a weird item, don't just discard it!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all the safeties are in place for this experimental system. We advise that you DO NOT attempt to buy/sell/trade the upgraded products, because in future iterations, it is likely that the items will become attuned to the person that bartered for it. This may or may not also occur retroactively. Because of this, we ask that you do not buy/sell/trade the completed items to help avoid someone getting screwed over later. We trust the good people of our outstanding community will spread the word and help protect unknowing players from falling victim. Thank you for helping us test this functionality, and for not abusing it during this early testing period.

    That all being said, if you want to buy/sell/trade the Advanced Crafting Token, that is fine. If you want to buy/sell/trade the Crafter's Guild Tokens, that is also fine. If you want one of the upgraded items, we STRONGLY ADVISE you to do the unlock quest and acquire the final item yourself. This way you know you are safe and you will get to keep your item.

    We want your feedback on this system after you have given it a try. If successful here, and probably after a few tweaks, we plan to extend this system to other caravan NPCs to offer upgrades of other items. We also plan to expand and adapt the system to other non-event NPCs that will accept Live Event Tokens instead of Crafter's Guild Tokens, but the items will be different.

    Other Changes

    • Moxie's famous flight butters have been added to Orran's barter list.
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