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Project: Gorgon is a 3D fantasy MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) that features an immersive experience that allows the player to forge their own path through exploration and discovery. We won't be guiding you through a world on rails, and as a result there are many hidden secrets awaiting discovery. Project: Gorgon also features an ambitious skill based leveling system that bucks the current trend of pre-determined classes, thus allowing the player to combine skills in order to create a truly unique playing experience.

The Project: Gorgon development team is led by industry veteran Eric Heimburg. Eric has over a decade of experience working as a Senior and Lead Engineer, Developer, Designer and Producer on successful games such as Asheron’s Call 1 and 2, Star Trek Online and other successful Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

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    Need input on special gear drops

    Hey folks!
    I'm working on a little project and would like your input on something. I know a lot of players at one time or another have stumbled across a really cool piece of loot drop gear that just seemed to have the perfect innates for you, but it was back at level 20 or 30 and you really wished that gear would come in a higher level version. IF it were possible, what really cool low/mid-level item(s) would you want to see in a higher level version? This can come from all categories - armor, weapons, jewelry...anything that can hold gear mods.

    I'm sure a lot of answers here will be similar to what folks would want to do if they ever won a MEGA Raffle token, but I don't want to know what you think would only be the best item, I want to know ALL the good ones!

    aaaaaand go!
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    we need a gear list somewhere heh. id say windstep shoes and other sprint runspeed items as well as the scorpicalw set, and some of the damage reduction shields im sure there are better picks but i dont know as i stopped looking at most of the weaker gear long ago

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    I use a level 60 Monger's Boon for the look, and it only drops (as far as I know) in Ilmari & Rahu, and related dungeons (i.e. Labyrinth). So, limited to level 65.

    If I understand it right, the plan is not to give to players an option to turn helm graphics off, but to have some head items with little or no graphics: mask, crown, floating gem. The first two can be crafted or obtained with barter at all levels. I guess I would like to see, perhaps with other colors or 'dyeable' color (the dream!) other items similar to Monger' Boon.

    Edit: I just checked, and the Monger's Boon is indeed dyeable, but dyeing it has zero effect on the gem's color (and I submitted a bug report).
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    At the top of the list for me, are the items that Change the elements of certain attacks:
    Flaming Gazluk Sword
    Ratkin Mining Pick

    The multiple types of staffs that change the damage from crushing to slashing:
    Tactician's Halberd
    Guardian Trident
    Sacred Guardian Trident
    Lusssha's Trident

    Armor Sets
    GK Death Trooper Set - Sidebar Heal
    GK Misery Trooper Set - Sidebar Projectile Evasion
    GK Treachery Trooper Set - Sidebar Epic/Vulnerble Attack
    GK Officer's Set - Sidebar 100% Stun/KB Evasion
    GK War Wizard Set - Sidebar Power Restoration
    GK Necromancer's Set - Sidebar Epic Darkness Attack
    GK Cabalist's Set - Sidebar Heal/Fear
    Yeti Suit - You get to look like a yeti
    Scorpiclaw Set - High Def/Reflects damage

    Ursula's Ri-Shin Gift - Fire Magic Damage/Fireball Damage/Ursula!
    Orbiting Gem - Cosmetic/Gives Light
    Rohina's Mind Gem - Mentalism Damage/Cosmetic/Gives Light
    Monger's Boon - Death Avoidance/EXP boost/Cosmetic/Gives Light
    Animal hats - All of them, Even the disguise kits (Especially the disguise kits!)
    Ratkin Necromancer Headdress - Enables Necromancy for Animals
    Vagreef's Anti-Burn Hat - 15% Fire Mitigation

    Harness of Poisons - Poison Damage for Spiders. Is level 45, and has great potential at higher levels
    Hunter's Breastplate - 10% Fire/Ice mitigation/Cosmetically looks like knights armor
    Scrayskin Coat - Swim Speed/Fire and Acid resistance

    The only legs I can think of that would be good are already in the armor sets

    Graz's Gloves - 10% Fire/Ice mitigation for animals only
    Venom Piercers - 6% poison damage
    Ursula's Gloves - Fire Damage/Come on, it's Ursula
    Jumjab's Necrogloves - Enables Necromancy for animals/Necro damage
    Nameless Gauntlet - Sword Damage/Small elemental mitigation

    Windstep Boots - Movement Speed x 2
    Flower Dainties - Movement Speed x 1.5 (No endurance required)
    Ciervos's Anklets - Deer Movement Speedx2

    Yagreet's Staff - Major Heals Cooldown reduced by 5 seconds (there are VERY FEW healing base items in the game)
    Controller's Stiletto - Necro Damage on mainhand
    Serpent Sting - Poison Damage
    Rick's Sticker - Poison Damage
    Ratkin Staff - Necromancy Damage
    Jesina's Staff - Cosmetic (looks unique, and badass)
    Dwarven Medic Staff - Boosts First Aid
    Hippogriff Prod - Fire/Ice Damage
    Sedgewick's Honor - HP on mainhand
    Withering Lute - Thunderous Note Damage (only appears on lower levels)
    Fish Beaker - Fishgut Damage
    Flame Basher - Hammer Skills give Fire DOTs/Cosmetic/Gives Light
    Deworming Club - 20% Knockback Avoidance
    Blasting Hammer - Lightning Damage
    Mallet of Obliteration - Pound to Slag Damage
    Hogan's Flingin' Stick - Staff/Beaker at the same time

    Old Crusty's Backside - 10% Fire Mitigation
    Gulagra Orb - Magic Find (VERY FEW options for Magic Find on gear)
    Defender of the Frail - Universal Damage Mitigation x2
    Ratkin Dirk - Poison Damage on Offhand
    War Ocarina - Blast of Fury Damage
    Running Claw - 0.5 Out of Combat Sprint Speed
    Shockbow - Lightning Damage

    Tidal's Circlet - 15% Cold/Nature Damage Boost
    Amulet of Rugged Traveler - Movement Speed x1/Inventory Slots x3
    Symbol of Hate Made Manifest - Lots of HP/Enables Necro for Animals
    Eraphylle - Universal Damage Mitigation x5
    Thundersmite - Lightning Damage
    Amulet of Max Armor +50
    Claudia's Pouch - Ice Damage/Tundra Spikes Damage
    Chirrra's Enoyos Talisman (+25% swim speed version)

    Fae Ring of Healing - Boosts First Aid/Regrowth Healing
    Ring of Jaunty Traipsing - Movement Speed x1
    Heavy Ring - Max Armor +30
    Blight Ring - Poison Damage on Ring
    Zukelmux's Insignia Ring - 10% Knockback/Stun/Slow Avoidance
    Ring of Wiggling - Slow/Melee Evasion
    Ratty Tactics Ring - Nature/Psychic damage
    Scrounger's Ring - Magic Find/Foraging

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    -10% fire, -10% cold
    Hands: Graz's Shackles (30, goblin dungeon bear)
    Offhand: Old Crusty's Backside (50, dc snail)

    With our current inability to get much elemental resist (armorsmithing plz), they'd be invaluable for a tank right now.

    There are a bunch of pieces that give resist against fire or ice too, such as:

    -15% fire
    Head: Vagreef's Anti-Burn Hat (60, war cache)
    Offhand: Thentree Shield (40, sedgewick forest lol)

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    I don't want to make too much of a list buuut....

    Rick's Sticker - a poison damage knife
    Ring of Critical Hits - little ring that has +5% psych/ment critical hit damage
    If you scaled the effects, Makopa's Pants + Everpatching shirt, gear with passive armor regen, could be interesting at high level.
    And finally...A lot of people I know would be interested in +speed items, Amulet of Ruggeed Traveler, Windstep Shoes, Ring of Jaunty Traipsing.

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    Achievements First Post!
    I'd appreciate an updated level 80 Halloween masquerade mask with +Darkness damage

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    Quote Originally Posted by darklorde View Post
    we need a gear list somewhere heh
    Well, it's a pretty long list (1,551 items) but here:

    Not totally sure that's comprehensive, but it should have most gear at least.

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    I'd love to see a updated version of the level 35 Stalwart Gauntlets that you can find in Borghild, the innate +40 Pound To Slag Damage bonus is very nice.
    I still make good use out of them after all this time, despite being 70/70+

    The rest of the stalwart armour set don't have any special innate(except for the boots that has +10 HP), but I love the looks and wish there were a more powerful version of the entire set I could wear.

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    So I was actually thinking of a bypass for something like this. A high level augmentation person should be able to simply up the level on virtually any piece of gear to max level. Probably for some costly and rare resources to make it not easy and for only items you really wanna boost. Like you got the perfect mods on an item that's level 50 but you want it to be relevant at end game. You can augment it so all the mods and stats reflect level 80. (And eventually, 90, and 100). I'm not sure how difficult that would be to make happen with coding. But ultimately it allows all (or almost all) items in the game to be leveled up while also providing a sink for resources. So basically you can gamble with modern augmentation to try and get the right mods or you can sink more rare mods and upgrade a low level item you have that has the perfect mods. It'd also upgrade any special item function such as the sprint shoes. (maybe even increased sprint speed for the level 80 version). Anyways that's my 2 cent.
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