So I know we are weeks away from combat reform but I want to make a mention of npcs that use pierce. I really hope this is one of the things you are changing soon ™.

Just now I exited from Gazluk cave with 894 armor and 606 health. I had no buffs on except my shield (with the 20 instead of 25 thing) and passive bonuses to slashing/crushing/piercing - which are pretty high compared to most armor sets in snail armor.

I attack the bear and it rage hits me immediately taking me down to something like 184 health. I think it's one thing for a bear to have pierce and some of its attack to go through my armor but overall pierce is pretty insane for it to be a 100% mechanic. I cannot be killed in certain zones when buffed - as a function of flat damage resistance except for bears. I find it odd that a group of 3-4 Level 30 bears can kill me when 5-8 level 60/70 mobs without pierce are no threat to me.

I would have no issue here if this were a level 70+ boss with a rage attack for pierce. But over nearly 3 years of play it has always bothered me that pierce (when used by mobs) is so blatently overpowered and there is no defense to it.

It would be one thing if snail armor could combat this somewhat. I notice level 80 snail (and all the toolcrafting armor except fae cloth) is not in the game yet. I hope you are going to do a revisit on all that armor too.

Instead of a flat -5 to piercing damage on my lvl 70 boots it would seem like -5% would be a lot more balanced.