Legion is looking for members in the ~ lvl 40 range or higher who are wanting a group/community experience. We can help you unlock/master the finer points Transmutation/Augmentation so that you can modify your armor as you see fit. We do guild group daily missions all the time and are hoping to help build up some mid tier players who might be struggling. In time we would love to bring you to the Fae realm as well as Gazluk Keep.

We have crafters who can make you armor and teach you how to learn those trades as fast/cheap as possible.

Join Us!

You can send a tell to Me, Feyth, Rasputan or Salukey -some of our more prominent officers. Or you can ask in chat as any member of the guild can invite new players.

We do accept lower level players just starting the game and while this is not our focus be sure that we would be welcome to have you too.