Hello everyone,

I'm looking to purchase a Harp. If anyone has one they're willing to part with I'm willing to pay, please let me know.

I've shouted out in trade sporadically over the last few days, did a few combs through the Serbule trade stalls, and scoped out related consignment tabs. No luck at all. I'm doing a lot of gardening recently and want to get 20 in Stringed Instruments because the Faery Chimes sound incredible! I've gotten to the point where the mini-dulcimer and blatterhorn tunes are drilled into my brain.

Even if you have any tips for aquiring one, please chime in. I've read they drop from Kur bosses but I'm not sure if I can solo any of those yet and I figured it'd be quicker to track one down and trade instead of gathering a group and praying for a drop.

I'm BabyBlue in-game as well. Apologies if this should be in posted in a separate section.