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It's about the cancel culture that's seeped it's way into the forums.
I hope this doesn't come across as antagonistic; i certainly don't intend it that way, but i do feel a bit defensive about this remark.

I find it a mischaracterization to say that considering nerfs on something that may be overpowered is anything like cancel culture. If anything, i would argue, it's the opposite.

It seems we are currently on the road to eliminate ('cancel') the possibility of warden/druid because druid is too fitting (or perhaps too strong) a companion skill for warden, crowding out other possibilities in the ecosystem. There's nothing inherently wrong about that notion to eliminate, but suggesting that an investigation into ways to preserve the possibility of that combination is somehow 'cancel culture' feels off the mark to me.

It may be that there are good and interesting reasons to eliminate certain combinations of skills as possibilities, but all things being equal, i find that more strategic possibilities offer more to think about and more interesting choices to make. If the reason for eliminating one possible combination is that it is overshadowing smaller shrubs and stealing their light, then i think there may be a better solution that digging up the tree altogether.

Especially when one considers the irony that the archetype that is often synonymous with balance (the druid) may be the one that is causing that balance to be disrupted, i find it hard to fathom why the notion of attempting to preserve that balance could be seen as cancel culture. Rather preserving the balance ensures a diversity that allows everything to survive and indeed to thrive, so that nothing must be canceled.

Anyways, that's how i see it, sorry if this turned into a borderline rant or felt like an attack in any way. As i said, this remark made me feel a bit defensive and i wanted to try to explain how i felt it was a misrepresentation.