Hi everyone,

We were talking in-game about builds, and one high level player said he ran an fire/ice mage build and said he could solo really well.

As a new player, I know this build will be expensive. I just got my stall, and I am doing surveying / stomach farming, to fund the reagents for the spells for my fire mage to level 50 first. I then plan to take ice mage as my secondary skill and level it up.

I'd just like to know, what kind of skills would you be using in this kind of build to solo, so I know I'm playing it correctly?

Someone wrote in chat yesterday saying that they used fire wall, but other people were against using this spell, and that got me thinking -- which spells are worth using and which aren't? Wouldn't it be nice, if someone playing this build could give some pointers.

Also, is it difficult to get into textile creation / tailoring? I need a really high level of gardening first right? It would be nice to make my own gear, but I was looking at the gear on market place, and it seems ice/fire mage is a popular build people are playing.

Again, thanks everyone who is responding to me on these forums. It really helps me navigate this game.