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Now I and some folks in my circle LOVE this boss encounter for the exact reason you say "your friend" hates it and wanted to quit. If a single individual mob ruins his experience so much, why not ignore the mob?
First let me say I could have just chugged a MP I have in my alt's bank to fix myself but I would rather not as that is kind of expensive. I plan on never fighting that boss again as it is not worth it. You have very high risk with lots of effort required and a meh reward. For the same effort/time you could just take 2 elite 80 players into GK to kill beaky, loot the showers chest/staff and kill the mini boss downstairs with no chance of a curse.

For game design to make sense you need to have risk balanced with reward. You have to kill that boss three times in a row to get 1 set of drops. That is part of what I have issue with the encounter. Why bother when you can get more on average out of Fae Realm elites?

Second it is important to note that bosses are often capable of moving out of their warning zones. This seems like a critical design element to be addressed during the beta. Yes I agree people often get very overconfident with bosses and tend to ignore the warnings. But it does not seem fair/just for someone to be able to get a curse who is normally very respectful of bosses.

My friend (no quotation marks needed) got this curse without getting the boss warning which doesn't seem exactly right. A similar thing happened to a guild member in the Rahu Sewers where the rat king was moved about 50m out of place so you would find him blocking the path (instead of being in a 'boss zone' corner).