So has anyone tried to craft the Astounding Bat Witch Hat max enchanted? And if so what has your result been?

Now I will tell you why I ask:

I understand everyone has real bad luck in this game at times, I get that I truly do. But I have done 28 crafts of this item, 24 of them have been green, 2 blue, 1 red, and one purple. Now before the haters start hating I am not expecting a gold out of 28 crafts, that is not what I am saying... I am complaining about the amount of greens I am getting. I do a shit ton of crafting... and I mean a ton. I craft for a lot of our guild members and do work orders for two characters. NEVER have I ever seen this many green items on any one item I have been crafting. I can craft probably 70 crafts of something and still not see 24 green items.

Now I did send in a bug report, but we all know they hardly ever get answered even when you report something multiple times, so you don't even know if they have received it or if it has been taken seriously.

But as for now goes .. screw it I don't need a bat hat, Can not even collect the mollusc slime anyhow being a bat because I have no hands. But I would love to know if anyone else has had the same problem with this item.

Truly sorry about the rant but this has really pissed me off a little lol