First off I will say I really like this game. The concept of exploration is something I have been looking for in an MMO for a long time. I honestly can't wait to see what the game will become further down the line.

I do have a few questions mainly due to my curiosity. I do environment art and wanted to know some more technical stuff around how you handle art assets for an MMO.

For instance I have noticed a few peculiar things such as foliage and trees making frames drop really hard. Are you using Gpu instancing on those or is that method not suitable for something like an MMO?

I have also noticed some optimization issues when it comes to instanced areas mainly caves. How do you go about making caves? Are they done as modular pieces or one solid mesh?

Please note I am not trying to bash the game at all. This is purely my own curiosity so that I can better understand the workings behind what makes art in an MMO tick. I also understand that the game is still in development and I am not complaining about optimization.

Do keep up the great work though I see a lot of promise in this game and I am genuinely excited for it.