This is a bug-fix update, more or less. (The Fae Realm changes might not be "bug fixes" exactly, but close enough!)

Water Fixes
  • Fixed water in Serbule Sewers not reaching far enough
  • Fixed some unexpectedly swimmable areas in Wolf Cave dungeon
  • Removed some places in Eltibule where cows could graze underwater
  • The river in Sun Vale doesn't work well with our new deep-water system, so for now it's using our older "puddle" system. The entire river is now treated as a giant puddle, which means you can splash in the river, and fill bottles from it, but you can't drown... even if the water goes over your head. (The new terrain for Sun Vale is in development, so this is a temporary band-aid for the existing terrain.)

Flight Changes
  • Flight Potions, Flight Words of Power, and all other forms of flying no longer work in dungeons. (The flight effect is suppressed indoors but will resume when you go back outdoors.)
  • Giant Bats can no longer fly indoors. (But they still retain other wing-related benefits such as turning mid-jump and not taking damage from falls.)
  • Fixed flight-behavior anomalies for giant bats that turn into ravens

Fae Realm
  • Lethargy Puck gives Notoriety XP on first kill (or your next kill, if you've already killed him before)
  • Felmer in the Fae Realm now teaches recipes for Astounding Winter leather gear
  • There are now a bunch more milkable Fae Molluscs in the Fae Realm (10 total instead of 4), but the timeout before you can re-milk is now a day instead of an hour. The intent is to make "slime-collection runs" more practical

UI Fixes
  • UI: fixed bug where the "Combat Refresh Ready" icon would flash and beep at incorrect times
  • UI: fixed bug where the blue border around basic attacks would not reappear when combat refresh was ready again
  • UI: fixed situations where mouse cursor could get stuck as a resize-handle cursor if a window closed while the mouse was over resize-grips
  • UI: fixed bug where an Effect tooltip would get "stuck" on the mouse cursor if the cursor was over the Effect icon right as the Effect ended

Other Fixes
  • Fixed typo that caused the Guild Quest "Fox Outpost (25-member)" to require slightly more grapes than intended
  • Fixed spurious "blank" error message when using the ability Rotflesh
  • Fixed bug where you could lose your empty bottle if you were interrupted while collecting Dirty Snow Water from a Snow-Covered Rock
  • Fixed typos in a few recipe names
  • Fixed a few quest directions which were inaccurate
  • Fixed a few recipe descriptions that claimed they served 2 when they serve 1
  • Amazing Venison is now interpreted as raw venison for gifting purposes
  • Increased maximum number of temporary entities allowed in the Red Wing Casino (to prevent vegetables from disappearing when a bunch of players are farming simultaneously)