A thought I had the other day - I think it would be cool if necromancer's pet's didn't trigger cry for help.

My reasoning is that it would make minions in a dungeon much more viable. Currently having minions out in a dungeon run is a huge liability b/c if you get hit with ranged your pets retaliate and in doing so can cause a mob to cry for help and summon mobs from another room. I suggest this specifically for necro because you can't really instruct your pets with skills so it's less abuse-able than I see it being for Animal Handling.

It's highly possible that a new pet AI system/mechanic is in the works which would make this less important (i.e. pet mode where they only attack if you have already which I've previously suggested), but thought this might be another interesting way to solve this problem.

There's always the risk of this being abused I guess, but really it would just mimic thorns where I got the idea from.