The first quests are messed up, the 4 delivery quests. One player said he planned to do Trekker last and when he finished the 3rd delivery, the package for Trekker disappeared so he went back to Tangle and got credit for all of them.
I did Trekker first and the package stayed in my inventory when I talked to him, so I gifted it to him, then I went to Amulna in Ilmari and when I talked to Lumpfuzz, the package disappeared and same with Norbert and Suspicious cow when I talk to them. So I went back to Tangle and got credit for 3 deliveries but not Trekker and then it gave me Trekker's package back and gave me another delivery quest but it was to deliver it to Lumpfuzz in Ilmari. So I delivered it and went back to Tangle and got credit for it. Then I had to figure out to pick the option with Milton "I am up to speed" in order to finally get the skill and learn the first spell.
Then after doing a few more quests, I decided to try out that first spell, like maybe I would get more spells from leveling up and then looked to see how much more experience I would need to go up a level and noticed that I was at level 30. Strange !