Hiya, folks,

I'm throwing together a druid/spider DoT build, and try as I might, I can't think of a reason to use Fill with Bile. I'm probably going to be running inject venom, toxinball, heart thorn, and terrifying bite for poison dots. Even running 4 applicable dots, I'm struggling to see the value of Fill with Bile compared to running Cosmic Strike or Regrowth. It just seems like the least effective damage-in-slot choice. I get that it functionally saves me a little power and about 1 second of combat time by having an ability which frontloads damage like that onto other abilities, but this build is running modified healing sanc, modified web trap, and brambleskin, so power isn't so much of an issue.

Druid loadout will be rotskin, heart thorn, toxinball, brambleskin, healing sanc, and TDB. Am I missing something, or is Fill with Bile just hot garbage? Even the mods don't make it look that attractive.

I have 4 poison dots. It adds 40x4= 160 up front. Each dot ticks 6 times, so 6x5x4 = 120 more damage for 280 damage...or I could slot cosmic strike, or even delerium for more. Even with the + to indirect poison damage mods, it still isn't competitive.