The PG chat system has improved quite a bit over the years but I'm still missing the ability to have multiple chat windows open instead of just multiple chat tabs. I'd love to have, say, Status Messages, Group Chat and Global Chat open simultaneously, in three different windows that I can read all at once. The tab system isn't bad, but it takes time and a mouse click for me to switch over to a different tab and read what just happened there, and another mouse-click to switch back. If we had the current chat system and could just drag the tabs around to turn them into windows, I'd be delighted. ( Well, ok, and some way of locking them, so they don't disappear when I hit Escape. )

A combat log is something else I'd open in its own chat window, so I thought I'd tack that onto this suggestion too. I assume it will happen eventually, but I just started playing PG again after spending a lot of time in a game with a very detailed combat log and I find myself missing that log info very much. After I ran into some trouble with a War Cache boss yesterday, I found myself thinking "Ok, let's check the log to see what took off half of my health there and how I can prepare for it" ... and of course, there is no log. I tried paying attention to the floating combat numbers in the fight after that but wasn't very successful - it mostly seemed they were coming so fast, they were stacked on top of each other and not very readable. I'm not sure the numbers themselves would help me much either - I'm spoiled now and I'm looking for details like "ability x hit for y piercing damage and was mitigated by z."