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The council cost of the training gets a "not interested" from me. My general feeling is that I can make money and making money can be fun, but I'm not interested in it currently and I'd rather play than worry about training costs. Worrying about affording the level 70+ training seems to much effort in general and then there is that discount...

The difference in the training discounts between players continues to have me sulking big time. It's possibly worth noting that I appear to be the only person thus affected, but it just makes me want to not train anything. I uncapped foraging 60+ for one character which I regret in hindsight. My current game plan mostly involves pretending high level training doesn't exist. Since it looks like we may finally get a semi-weekly trio group going, flat out not training may not be possible, but I intend to put all training off as long as possible and train as little as possible. Fortunately, I don't think the pace of our group will be very fast. I have zero motivation to level past 70 on my own currently.
I'm not sure what I'll do about my crafting skills - maybe in a few weeks, my sulk will recede far enough I'll be ok uncapping them slowly, but for now I'm putting on a one-person training strike to protest unfair pricing.

This is pretty much how I feel. I want to log in but every time I do I see those costs and it isn't worth the few hundred hour grind that I know is coming just to unlock 3 or 4 combat skills and 4 or 5 tradeskills ( and then grind more to level them). On top of that since transmutation and augmentation are almost 100% required I will need a different money source then dropped equipment since I'll be decomping that stuff for a long time.

The points I keep repeating about combat are sort of related to this, since if combat was satisfying I wouldn't care about the grind 1/2 as much ( but it would still be imo excessive).

To people that say just do work orders: Not everyone likes crafting bullshit enough to want to sit there and do it as a money source, or has 8 alts to store all the materials needed for it. I am decently high up the tree in most tradeskills atm but I'm not about to spend 10 8hour days farming materials to last me through the next few months, I'd MUCH rather be fighting shit. This of course doesn't apply to everyone, some people enjoy it and I wish them well of it, but not everyone does.

I actually said this on patch day in game to someone, but it would be a lot less frustrating if skills unlocked automatically when level caps were increased but you put more cost into individual abilities which you still need to pay for to learn. As in, I don't need you to teach me how to swing a sword better, practice teaches me that... I need you to teach me this more powerful version of a specific sword attack for money still, though.