Hi all. I am new here. Started the game about a month ago and really love the look and feel so far. So much to explore and so many skills to develop! I was an Asheron's Call (even AC2) back in the day and been missing that old school MMO feel for decades now.

My suggestion would be a much longer timer before logging out someone for inactivity. I don't see much downside to this. Right now, the game is very small, so the server loads must be pretty minimal. If there were 10s of thousands of players, I totally see the need to trim the active connections quickly, to reduce server loads, but not at this stage of game development.

The frustrations I have with this game are always with the unexpected logouts. Most places it isn't a big deal, but when in the casino, where I find myself more often than not, I get a game started and get pulled away for RL for a few min, only to return and see my 500-800 buy-in vanish. This happens to me 2-3 times a day.

The old days of people being able to glue themselves to a monitor for hours of completely uninterrupted game time are a rarity. Most people are pulled in many directions and can only partially focus on a game. Add frustration to the game and it gets really easy to just go do something else that won't cause frustration. Losing a game due to my poor decision on the next move is part of the challenge. Losing a game due to addressing a brief RL requirement is frustrating.

So please greatly increase the amount of idle time before a logout. Possibly increase it based on location or activity being performed? Maybe if dancing or playing music, short idle times (no afk skilling), but if casino game is active, increase it?

Thank you for this game and keep up the great work!